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Help! Would you eat this chicken?


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I just opened two pouches of Costco organic chicken thigh and leg meat, and both bags smelled so badly of rotten eggs. The smelled dissipated and the chicken itself seemed to smell fine (and wasn't slimy or off color or anything), so I started it in the Instant Pot, but now I'm super paranoid about eating it. I seem to remember reading somewhere that they package some foods with sulphur gas or something like that, to make it last longer. I have noticed that my pre-sliced cheddar cheese smells kind of fart-y lately when I open it (from BJ's, not Costco).


Anyway, given all of this, would you eat the Honey Bourbon chicken, or would you toss it?


On the upside at least I still have the pouch that has the price label on it, and I know Costco will take it back. And I think this will be my last experience with Costco chicken. I've really unsatisfied with the quality of it since they switched to their own brand from Coleman. Boo :(

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I use that chicken from Costco all the time.  The smell when I open a package repulses me every time.  But it always fades.  Sometimes I rinse it and the smell goes completely away.  (I know about not rinsing chicken. But I put it in a colander in the sink, and use a gentle stream of water to rinse it. There's no splashing.)  

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