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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Jean, I hope you got some sleep and will feel better!



breakfast and lunch for dh

fed cats


To Do:

make ds a list of school work


do school with ds

do some errands for co-op

take dd to work (still no new car)

dentist appointment for me

study lessons for co-op

Pick dd up from work




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Good morning!  First day of classes at co-op today.  Traffic should be light as public school doesn't start until tomorrow.


-coffee, lots

-try to get the huge frog we found in our garage out of our garage (why do these things happen when DH is out of town??)

-get history and grammar done with youngest

-cleaning people arrive at 8:30

-leave for co-op at 9

-co-op from 10-2 (physical science, geometry, speech/debate, literature)

-laser hair removal appointment during co-op

-run to Publix after co-op  (pick up something RTE for kids at Publix)

-work this week's co-op assignments into my planning book

-finish up any grammar, spelling or history leftover from the AM

-sit and enjoy my book in a nice clean house

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Good morning!


•dd is taking her biology final this morning (Hallelujah, I feel like throwing a party to celebrate her being done with it. We've been happy with most Laurel Springs classes, but this one was very poorly put together.)

•since dd is taking her test, I have to do horse chores by myself this morning

•office work

•mop kitchen, mudroom, sunroom, entryway and main floor bath

•order spices

•dd violin lesson (canceled)

•dinner: pakoras and curried basmati rice

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Hoping you rested well and make good progress on camp planning, Jean! When does camp begin?




my mom's

post office




remind dd about AHG things

make assignment sheet for Dd

plan science for Ds



dinner - salmon burgers, corn, brocolli





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  • Got kid up and ready for day camp.

Took out the garbage.

Drove kid to camp.

Working at the office.

Will leave early to pick kid up at day camp and then pick other kid up at sleep-away camp.

Kids to math tutoring.  Work or walk while they figure.

1 kid to gymnastics.

Try to walk some in between the driving.

Throw in some laundry (camp yuck).

Kids to bed.


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It's a pretty laid back Wednesday here. 


- Tended to the chickens

- Sorted some business receipts

- Cleaned out my business email box

I'm not really sure what else I need to get done today.  Tomorrow my girls are taking a little road trip so it will just be ds and I...I think we might go bowling.  :)

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human care done

medical care done including setting up my pill boxes for the week.  *  note - I have to call the compound pharmacy to see if they have in, the one specialized supplement that I can't find anywhere else.  The last time I was there they were out of that supplement.


pet care done including syringing the cat who managed to get some medicine despite spewing it over everyone in his vicinity. 


cleaned the kitchen well which makes me feel a lot better because I never even got to it yesterday. 

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