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Grammar after Rod and Staff?

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We have done Rod and Staff for 3 years, and my daughter would like to try something new this year. She is in 8th grade and this will be our last year homeschooling before she transitions to public high school. Any ideas of a great program to use for 1 year?? It could include writing as we need something for that as well.



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Ds/9th used Fix It for 8th and liked it well enough. It got the job done and was relatively painless, and it gave him more time to focus on writing.


For DD/8th I'm leaning toward The Chortling Bard, which is similar to Fix It, but the stories used are from her beloved Shakespeare.

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Thanks for the ideas, they all look good! 


If i were to use one of these for her grammar, what would you then choose for writing for one year? She has done IEW up until now.


You might start another thread for that. I have no experience with IEW.  DS/9th used Lost Tools of Writing for 8th and it was a great match. He is the why write a five paragraph essay when he can summarize it in five syllables sort of kid. (stereotypical STEM geek...lol) My natural, creative writer used Cover Story in 7th and for 8th I'll run her through Lively Art of Writing and she'll have loads of writing assignments in her lit course.

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