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Vaccination question


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I'm not asking this to start a war, or to get flamed. But the meningitis thread made me want to post. 



My eldest daughter had a scary reaction to a vaccine when she was 11 months old - stopped eating, stopped vocalizing, had to be hospitalized, had an NG tube placed, and the VNA came by every week to check her weight and feeding tube placement, weekly speech therapy. Our pedi told us not to vaccinate at that point. Our youngest daughter has severe food allergies. No further vaccinations for the eldest, and none for the younger. 



I believe in the lifesaving measures of vaccines (my teenage son is fully vaccinated, with the exception of Gardasil)  but I've seen the underbelly as well (a tiny slice of it) and I'm scared of a worse reaction. Has anyone dealt with a similar situation? What did you do? 

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Yes.  My daughter almost died from her 6 month vaccines.  She reacts badly to most vaccines.  She is (nearly) fully vaccinated.  We picked which ones to give her in consultation with her doctors and then she gets one at a time and never when there is something coming up that she needs to be healthy for.  We waited until she was quite a bit older to resume vaccinating her.

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