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Calling all Aromatherapists and Herbalists!


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I'll be researching in my books later but thought I would ask here. 


Anyone ever made a hand-sanitizer without alcohol? I have a friend who reacts quite severely to the mass-market hand sanitizers. 

It makes her cough quite a bit and gives her a really bad headache. She says it's the alcohol content. It may very well be so I thought

I'd look into options of making one without alcohol. Or it could be some other ingredient she's reacting, too. 


Anyway, any suggestions? I already have an essential oil blend in mind (and yes, it's pure). Just wondering what I should use as the base.



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Like Castille soap?


Keep in mind, this is so she has something to have while she's "on the go" and not necessarily near running water.



If no water, then I'd go with witch hazel. It has antiseptic properties.  No essential oils which can themselves cause reactions and headaches in many.  If the witch hazel were too drying, following up with light coconut oil which also has some anti-bad stuff qualities or aloe which as others suggested which also has anti-bad stuff qualities..   I feel more "cleaned" by witch hazel though.

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