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Helping kids remember the books they read (aside from narration)

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Good Morning! I was just wondering what, if anything, you do to help kids remember the books they read? Not just school books, but the books they read just for fun! :) I've found that my almost-8 yo tears through some books, but he has very little memory after the fact of what he read.


We found this on teachers pay teachers and he's excited to start doing it when he finishes a book, and I think it'll be a fun project to look back on:


But I just wondered what other ideas you have? He has a hard time just talking about anything he's reading, and tends to answer questions with a lot of "I don't know how to explain it." lol.

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That's cute!


I have the same problem! One of my friends showed me how she records every book she reads, along with a very brief synopsis and her opinion of it.


For kids...well, my child who likes drawing will often be inspired by a book to make a picture or a one-page comic strip, or she'll rope her sister into role-playing some of the scenes with her. Our library has a book club and they have each kid read their favorite part aloud...that might be a neat thing to record or copy into a journal. My kids tend to like questions about their favorite character and least favorite character better than trying to describe plot. But they are big readers, too, and we definitely don't do this for every book.

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