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BJU DVD Users I Have a Question


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My daughter wanted to try BJU grade 2 next year for 2nd grade math and she wants to continue with Singapore as well. She was doing Horizons and Singapore and although she has become quite skilled at math, she didn't love how Horizon jumps around. She did love the color though so enter BJU.


At first my plan was to just get the workbook and teach it myself but I am not going to lie, the ease of letting a "teacher" do it was so appealing I forked over the cash *gulp* to rent the DVDs. It allowed me to free up some time to work with my most challenging little one.


She LOVES it! I mean she looooovvvvveeeessss it! She gets up in the morning and says "can I go do math?" So clearly a good choice. One of my twins who is heading into 1st finished RS B and saw her lessons and begged to do it too. So now they do it every morning together giggling and enjoying every minute of it. My other 1st grader is the last holdout. He loves MUS and won't budge on that.


So this gets me thinking about next year. Renting one set is so expensive and you can get all of the sets for the various subjects for double the price of one. I was already planning on using BJU English and BJU Science anyway once she hit third grade.


After all that back story, my question is:


How long on average did math take your student with BJU? With all of the stopping and starting to do equations plus the work sheets it feels like 40 minutes or more but we are only through the first 2 discs.


Next, if you used BJU did you use something else as well? Recommend? Not recommend? My daughter just really likes Singspore and I like how it teaches. I just don't want her doing math all day long.


Last question, did you use more than one BJU video set and how much of the day did it consume? I prefer to teach but if my kids are going to get that jazzed about a video lecture then so be it. I was thinking of trying English and Math DVD or Science and Math DVD for 3rd grade year. I probably wouldn't do more than two but again, it depends on the time it takes.


I just don't want two subjects taking up the entire morning since I will be using BJU English in 3rd along with Writing and Rhetoric or Classical Composition.


I guess I am just trying to figure out if it would be worth it to get the whole grade level.


I have this coming year figured out so my crazy brain is already on the following school year haha! :)

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I tried to use the entire grade level with my two oldest and it was way too much. They loved the DVDs at first, but grew to hate them. They were so long and there was so much busy work. The teachers would drone on and on...and you can't really skip ahead because you'll miss too much. We quit after a few months.

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