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MEP Maths planning help


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We are planing to transition to MEP math once my girls finish Miquon. So far, I plan to use the review lessons from Year 3 for revision/placement, and then go on to Year 4.


Looking at the materials though, there are so many bits and pieces that I'm looking for some feedback from someone who has used the program.


Am I right that the main content is in the lesson plans? And if so, do they require the copymasters to teach?


And then there are the practice books - extra practice, or central?


My aim is not at all to do the least we can get away with, but I really don't know how much to print.


My eldest is very math minded.


Thank you!



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You're correct that the lesson plans have the meat of the content, although for the review lessons from Y3 they won't be any good as they'll just say "do practice page...". 



The practice books are pretty central but not as important as the lesson plans. 


The only year you need the copymasters for is Reception imo. You can always read the lesson plans a bit ahead and then get the copymaster up on a screen if you feel it'll add something. 

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The amount to print depends on your comfort level working from screens.


I like having a printed copy of the lesson plans.  I mark the exercises I plan to cover and write notes to myself in the margins. In addition to the lesson plans, I print corresponding student practice pages and selected copymasters.  Most copymasters are enlargements of exercises on the student pages or are easily replicated by hand.  I do not print those.  I also do not print any that are unnecessary review for a particular child. 


Someone more comfortable teaching from a screen, could get by with just printing the practice pages and selected copymasters.


Someone comfortable with a child doing math online could have the child complete the interactive version of the practice pages.  Then the only items to print would be copymasters for exercises not included in the practice pages. 


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I print the lesson plans shrunken down to fit 4 per page and then double side it. This really cuts down on costs. I then print the practice pages full size. Don't shrink them to 8.5x11 even though they are formatted for A4 because it will mess up all the measuring sections. Just pencil in the page numbers yourself afterward. That's all that I've ever found gets cut off. I find the copymasters generally aren't worth printing.


For planning, I read the lesson plans ahead, check off what I want to cover (not every child needs everything) and then hand draw out the tables or illustrations that will be filled in during the teacher's lesson. I then sit down with my dc and do their lesson. When they got a little older I generally did a week at a time and then they plowed through a week of practice pages before I marked their work. I also like to print the scheme of work page for the current year that we're using and put in the front of my lesson plan book.


Also note that day 5 is review day and can be skipped if your dc is really strong in that weeks content. I've also found that I can often skip the first 30 pages because they are aways pure review of the previous year. You might be able to just dive into year 4 and just take those pages slowly. The last 30 pages are usually just review too. I don't remember if they were in year 3 or not though.

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