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huh...so those updates my computer wants to run really are important


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Who knew?  :lol:


I'm terrible about installing updates. Terrible. And my husband works in IT and it drives him crazy. Anyway, I got dictation software to see if that would help me be more productive with my writing and I couldn't get the microphone to work properly. I'd have to unplug and replug it every 3 lines. I almost sent it back. Then I decided to at least try updating my macbook. 


Um, yeah. 


That fixed it :) It also fixed another problem I'd been having. 





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Sometimes I think that if I delay too long, Apple subtly "breaks" things to encourage me to update. That's probably not possible, but it always seems coincidental that AirPlay on my iPad is fine until some update is overdue and then it won't work, but works immediately after the update is installed.


But hey, at least you can now dictate with reckless abandon!

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Glad that fixed your issues.  Windows machines here. We do all of the "Important" updates Microsoft makes available. Those are for Security and Stability.  I don't do the other updates they make available.  It is also *very* important to keep your web browsers updated to the latest version at all times.   

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I have that problem with app updates on my phone and tablet. I often ignore update requests until the app no longer works. The worst was a few years ago when I complained that my bank (a credit union) was the only local bank that didn't offer mobile deposit for checks. Turns out I needed to update the app to access that feature. :D

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