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High School Record Keeping Book

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Hi, I have been looking for a book that I can actually write in to keep track of grades, courses, credits, etc for each year of  high school. I have found various worksheets by visiting the sticky links, but not an actual book. I know I could make my own, but wondering if a book like this existed? Thanks!

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I just use a teacher's plan book.  There's a place for the grades in the back (one book per year per kid), and then write the books used, course descriptions, etc., on the Notes pages.  It's not fancy but it does the trick. I use it for lesson plans as well.




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It's not a book, but I'm really enjoying Homeschool Minder. I didn't think I'd love a digital programme for this, but in the end I've been happily mistaken. The best part is that I can not only track his attendance, grades, book lists, etc. it's all printable. So I can print out some pretty spiffy looking papers when I'm done, & as an Expat who moves way too much the company will keep track of my son's records for us so no losing them in a move! :D

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