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Best movie version for Robinson Crusoe?


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My girls and I are listening to the audiobook Robinson Crusoe.  My daughters want to see a movie based on the book.  What movie do you recommend?  Not surprisingly, there are many versions, but none of them seem particularly highly rated on Amazon ....


I'm not interested in a cartoon or dumbed-down version for kiddies.  :)  Reasonable adherence to the written story would be nice.  :)

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Our family enjoyed the TV series "Crusoe" (2008).  It's not  a "How To Survive" show, but deals with the relationship issues & is filmed in a beautiful location.

Here's a Spanish version of the pilot:  :)




Just read the IMDB summary which said:  Based on the novel written in 1719, this is said to be an action-packed period drama set in the 18th century, but with a contemporary take on race relations -- and a hero who will bear a resemblance to Angus MacGyver.


Agreeing with this. :)


13 episodes & then it was cancelled.  Sam Neill, Sean Bean & Phillip Winchester as Crusoe.. 



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