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Neighbor moving: gift ideas?


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My very nice neighbor and her husband (and dog) are moving to a one-story home out of their two-story -- because of his knees.


They're in their mid- to late-50's.


I barely ever see them and have only lived across from them for about 2.5 yrs. now.


But I'd love to give a small gift.


Any suggestions? They are dog lovers and we often talk "dogs" together.





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I'm not sure if they are moving close or far. I would be hesitant to give anyone a physical item when moving (it's stressful to pack and fit it all. They might worry about an item breaking as well). But I love the idea of a gift card to somewhere they would use it. Maybe a gift card for lowe's or something where they might need need fixtures or appliances or I don't know what.

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When we packed up to move across country (mid west to SoCal), some neighbors who we had gotten friendly with during our month long yard sale (we had a lot of stuff to downsize LOL) dropped by on the afternoon before we were leaving to gift us a soft cooler filled with portable snacks (nut mixes, granola bars, homemade cookies, juice bottles, etc) and a "good luck in CA, take care" card to take along. We were so busy packing/decluttering/getting house ready to sell that packing stuff for the road was not even on my mind so it was a wonderful parting gift. We used that cooler for quite a while too.


So maybe a snack basket type thing in a reusable carrying container.

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