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Getting Started With Spanish

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I see some of the follow up ideas to pursue when finishing Getting Started with Spanish but does anyone have other ideas. I really just want a Getting Started With Spanish 2 but of course there isn't one. I have taught Henle Latin classically so this is so easy. Help!


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This is my very tentative plan and hasn't been tested at all so take it with a grain of salt. My daughter is only in 7th grade, but I've been trying to map out what four years of Spanish MIGHT look like.


Spanish 1 - GTWS paired with Rosetta Stone

Spanish 2 - Life Pac Spanish 1

Spanish 3 - Life Pac Spanish 2

Spanish 4 - Maybe upper levels of Rosetta Stone

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I would love a getting started with Spanish 2. I am working in lesson 44 for myself and I love how it is presented and explained. That with Duolingo is giving me a tiny bit of skill.


How are the lifepacs? Is Rosetta Stone really good?

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I haven't used Life Pacs yet, but it gets good reviews. This may be helpful.




I had two daughters who used Rosetta Stone, one used it for 3 years of high school Spanish through an online charter school and the other only used it for one year and then we switched to A beka Spanish because my daughter felt like she wasn't really learning. I used A Beka because a friend offered it to me. It was a good fit, but I had to place my daughter in their Spanish 1 book, because Spanish 2 would have been too big of a jump coming from Rosetta Stone which is a completely different method with no formal grammar. Even my oldest didn't care much for Rosetta Stone, but it got the job done. I wouldn't use it again by itself. If I use it again I will pair it with something that covers grammar.

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