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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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  • Back from a short vacation with a nice sunburn :(

2 appointments

One court case


Hoping to get home early but not holding my breath

Walk dog late when it's cooled down to F85.

Wash dishes

Set up a new batch of cold brewed coffee

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Good morning!



-work out (lower body)


-make breakfast for kids and sleepover friend


-post office with standardized test letter

-laundry (four loads minimum)  DONE:  3

-writing tutor for oldest to house

-call salon re: eyelash appointment

-take youngest shopping for clothes/shoes for wedding he is going to with DH this weekend (oldest and I will be at a baseball tournament)

-dinner (chicken and avocado salad)

-eat Whole30 compliant with lots of water and vegetables


ETA:  I have everything ready for library and post office but it is absolutely pouring here and I think I need to skip these today

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•mop kitchen, sunroom, entry hall, mudroom, and main floor bath

•empty garbage cans

•restock paper towels, kleenex, etc. throughout house

•pay bills

•give dogs heartworm preventative

•make vet appt. for puppy shots

•make horse vet appt. for boosters

•lots and lots of laundry

•dd violin lesson

•dinner: tacos w/ black beans and avocado cilantro lime dressing

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Lots of gardening


Ds13 on strike and refusing to do any schoolwork. He is also not talking to me. Seems like he takes after oldest. He behaved like this at 13 as well. It will pass............


13 year old boys are the worst, IMO.  I didn't think mine would make it to 14.  My youngest will be 13 in a few months and I'm dreading it.    :grouphug:

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Good Morning!


orthodontist appt.

pick up milk

school    not done yet, but making a good effort, despite a late start

AHG things?

school organizing/planning

wrap gift



dinner - BBQ pork shoulder, yellow squash, tomato and cucumber salad

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Morning, all!


To do:

Find my glasses; I have no idea where they are on a day I need them most.  

Dentist appt that I'm dreading.  Just a cleaning, but crown is super sensitive and I don't want to explore the reason why.

Laminate some school items

Work on some school notebooks

shop for a new washer/dryer for mom

pick up Rx

drop book donations at library

drop donation bags at Goodwill

grocery shopping


catch up on reading


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  • Got up early but did not get the work out, due to computer problems.

Took out the garbage.

Kids up & driven to camp bus.  Yay, I was "with it" enough to remember lunches AND make sure the kids ate breakfast & vitamins.  :p  Yesterday I was in a work crunch & forgot all about lunch; luckily my kid thought to pack some!

Cleaned the kitchen.

Called the school.  Got a reprieve but need to get those school papers in the mail.

Pay some bills.

Trying to get through to the pediatrician to talk about testing my kid for hypoglycemia / hormone deficiency or whatever it is.

Worked on my calendar - so I can schedule an appointment that doesn't conflict with their other gazillion appointments, classes, and camps.

Need to switch out the piggie's litter.

Lots of work due!  Need to get some out or I will get nastygrams.

Would love to do some decluttering / organizing in the kids' rooms, but not sure I will have time.

Receiving the kids' school supply / clothing shipments.  Should try to organize some, maybe start packing the school bags.  :)

Pick the kids up at the camp bus.


Contact horse barn about horse show plans for this weekend, after discussing with the kids.

Kids to math class.

1 kid to gymnastics.

Walk as I can.


Kids to bed.


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dd to day camp

ds to work

pet care done

medical care done including filing pill boxes and ordering prescription refills (Note:  I have to go to one pharmacy later this afternoon)

Got pre - anesthesia clinic scheduled

Got endoscopy/ biopsy scheduled - right in the middle of my sister's and mom's visit but it can't be helped.

Got post - op appt. scheduled.

moved furniture


shampooed carpet.

Am trying to deal with some mold I found under the couch.  I'm using an enzematic cleaner.  I sure hope that it works. 

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