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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!  Didn't get much done yesterday because, well - I just don't care.  LOL.  Youngest has a friend coming over today to spend the night.  Am I the only one who hates having child guests in my home? I can never relax when other kids are here.



-workout (HIIT with lower body weights)


-clean up kitchen

-work with oldest on summer writing assignment for Animal Farm

-take DH's clothes to the dry cleaner

-take youngest for haircut and me for a pedicure

-grocery store for snacks and dinner for tonight

-pick up youngest's friend

-clean out 2 book shelves in school room, making a donation box and putting donation box right in my car

-minimum of two loads of laundry

-make sure oldest's baseball uniform is clean for this weekend's travel showcase games

-dinner (steaks grilled outside, potato salad, roasted Brussel sprouts and cut up vegetables)

-eat Whole 30 compliant with lots of vegetables and lots of water

-try to relax and read my book

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Good morning!


One of our puppies had an upset stomach last night, so I was up three times during the night to take him out.  :tongue_smilie: I started transitioning them to a different brand of puppy food yesterday, so hopefully it's just a momentary upset from the change in food. He is running around with his usual crazy puppy energy this morning and seems to be feeling fine.



•fill hummingbird feeder

•do the filing that didn't get done yesterday

•print out all the August bills that arrived in my inbox this am

•try to get some cleaning done (have been slacking off too much on this lately)

•hay delivery this afternoon

•work on my menu planning project

•groom horses

•dinner: coconut jasmine rice with sesame tofu Buddha bowls

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Pink & Green Mom -- yeah I feel that way too with guests. Mostly worry I will say something "wrong or bad".  


Mytwomonkeys -- enjoy your vacation



I guess I will to do something  :laugh:  The summer is 

slipping away and my list isn't shrinking.  I want things done but just don't wanna do them  :blushing: 

Today I will try to:


catch up on laundry, complete with folding 

finish living room decluttering

dust & vacuum living room

go thru clothes in 1 closet, not sure which one yet



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Morning, all!


Yesterday I spent time on food budget, left for shopping.  I got to the stores only to realize I had used last week's ads!   :thumbup:


To do:

coffee, breakfast


take donation bags to goodwill

shopping for a few clothing necessities


clean master bedroom




Have a great day!



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Got a bunch of reports out in the wee hours.

Slept between 1 & 2 hours.

Up early to get some more work done.

Drove kids to camp.

Back to work.  Finished one conference call.

Wanting a nap!

Leave by 4 to pick kids up.


Kids to gymnastics.  Walk while they play?

Some Spanish with the kids?  Music?  (This week's camp is pretty exhausting so I can't give anything mentally challenging.)


Kids to bed.

Clean critter cage(s).

Take out the garbage.


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Halfway through the day but I'm here.  I spent most of yesterday putting together the Spring semester of Earth Science for my son and looking over Biology (and adding in some extra lesson/activities) for my daughter.  Today I've been tackling the school closet. 

The rest of the afternoon I plan on going through new curriculum and doing more planning.  Yayyyy.....

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human care done

dd to day camp for a.m.

ds to get his driver's license.  Watch out, world!  (He's a good driver.)

ds to work

medical care done

pet care done

kitchen all clean

spent time looking for a replacement activity for lesson 2.  I have some ideas but haven't narrowed it down  yet.  I might have dd look at them and help me to decide. 

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Alright, so far:


-laundry done, rooms in various state of clean

-took ds to his activity

-bought the yarn I needed to finish the blanket

-decided we had too much going on this week to send ds to his activity tomorrow, especially since the car place didn't order the part last week and we're still down to one car. :glare:

-skipping math.  It's too hot today to sit with that.




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