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I wanted to post the email that I got from the head of our local AoPS Academy in San Diego to let others know what is in the works. Also, during our meeting with the director, I put in a plug for financial aid a la CTY, and he mentioned that they are working on it. So, hopefully this will mean more opportunities for people to attend AoPS courses in the future.


Ok, here is the email:


Dear AoPS Academy families,

We’re looking forward to the start of our academic year classes! Our first classes will begin on September 5th, and you can find our 2017-18 schedule here. We have some changes for the upcoming year that we are excited to announce:


Beast Academy Online (Grade 3-5 math classes)
The students in grade 3-5 math classes will use the new Beast Academy Online system for their homework. This system is not yet available to the public, so AoPS Academy students will be getting a sneak preview of the system! This engaging platform offers students a variety of problem and activity types as well as a wide range of challenges, providing more practice and review to students who need it, and a greater challenge to students who tend to speed through the material.
Online Message Board and Office Hours (for math classes above grade 5)
This pilot program for 2017-18 is available only to non-Beast Academy math classes (Prealgebra and beyond). We expect to expand this program in the future to our other courses. Each of the classes included in the program will have an online message board on which students can post questions about the homework. The AoPS National Office will provide live support on the class message board 4:30pm-5:30pm PT each weekday (Monday through Friday) as Office Hours. Any questions asked outside that time will also be answered during the next Office Hour.
Middle School and High School Contests
The Middle School Contests and High School Contests courses will feature all-new content in 2017-18, so that students who took either course last year may take the course again without repeating material. These courses will also feature new practice contests, and will offer many more practice contests than last year’s courses.
Please let me know if you have any questions about courses in the upcoming year. We look forward to working with you and your children this fall!
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I am finally biting the bullet and buying Beast Academy this month. We've done so many other curriculum plus hours and hours of Prodigy I think we need something new for the upcoming year.  I am looking at also getting a few levels of Singapore IP to do also. I am most looking forward to the Online Academy, however.

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