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math competitions?


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Has anyone done math competitions for their younger elementary aged child?  My son is 8, and doing math at a 6th grade level. 

I am curious as to the time commitment and the environment.  I think my son would enjoy the challenge, but hesitate to jump into something that might hinder his love for learning.  Would appreciate any insight you might have.

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We did MK in grades 1 and 2. We didn't do much preparation, but I guess it depends on whether you have expectations about doing well. We did free sample problems over a handful of sessions, and worked with Challenging Word Problems as part of our math. He finished MM 4 for 2nd grade, so not as advanced as yours, and sometimes I'm not sure he has retained anything.


At the center we take it in, it's in a classroom at desks, filling out a "scantron" type form. I think you have 75 minutes, but my son has been out the door after 15-20. I keep hoping he'll slow down and be more careful. Our testing center is an hour away and I take him out for sushi and ice cream after to make it a special thing.


We tried CML this past year. It is really low key as you can take it at home. But with it being at home, my son was like, "is this a real test?" and I'm not sure he put in his best effort.


ETA: thanks for mentioning Caribou. That wasn't on my radar.


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When my kids were younger we did Singapore Math 4 days a week.  On Wednesdays, to break things up, we did an old MOEMS exam.  It takes about 25 minutes followed by about 15 minutes to review any incorrect questions.  Start with elementary level.  If your students is regularly scoring 4 or 5, then move to middle school level.  When those are too easy you can move to AMC8 or old MathCounts, starting at school or chapter level and then working your way up.  

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