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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Morning, everyone!


We had perfect weather this weekend - sunny with temps only in the 70's. The next several days are forecasted to be the same. Such a nice break from our usual July/August weather!  


•clean coffeemaker

•dust and vacuum


•make big bowl of salad

•sort out and file big pile of papers on my desk

•print out some new recipes

•sweep out haysheds

•work with horses

•dinner: corn cakes with tomato and avocado relish, salad


ETA: put away several baskets of clean towels and bedding


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Good morning!  This is my "turning over a new leaf Monday."  Going to workout 6x per week, not Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday and then give up the rest of the week.  Going to do Whole 30 for 30 days, not 5 days and then stuff face with chocolate cake.  Going to clean the bookshelves for real, no matter how much work it is to take the resulting bins of books to library or goodwill or co-op to get rid of them.



-workout (Great Glutes)


-take youngest to/from friend's  house

-grocery store

-dry cleaner (not good when DH's dry cleaning basket is more full than laundry baskets)

-work on summer work with oldest

-clean out messiest book case in school room

-get standardized testing letter out to county for youngest

-go through school supplies for both kids and see what needs to be replenished



-figure out whether I can teach youngest Discovery of Deduction or put him in the online class (my eyes glaze over on the first paragraph of the book)

-dinner (Whole30 compliant bacon "cheese"burger meatloaf, with roasted Brussel sprouts)

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Good morning!



breakfast and lunch for dh

breakfast for me

school list and planning for day



To Do:


first day of school with ds


take ds to last discipleship group of the summer

pay bills/update checking info

some co-op planning

watch the next Harry Potter movie because ds finished book 5

look over school for tomorrow



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Carcassone with the hubby



School!!!  This month is SO much lighter than last month for appointments!  We are starting today.



Make some (loose) lesson plans for the next few weeks.



Get out fall tubs and organize fall clothes - note gaps in kids' clothes for winter.



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Good morning!


First day of school here too!  :scared:  :willy_nilly:  :001_tt2:




lunch and RA

more school



dinner - spaghetti and spinach salad


order science books

update budget

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Morning, all!


I'll follow the theme of "It's Monday...time to start a new routine"


We were hit with a financial tsunami this past week.  Time to start a new chapter in our lives.  


To do:


clean/purge dining room 

collect all the old curriculum and either donate or list to sell

clean out bookshelf, take donations to library

clean out storage basket, donate

vacuum/dust downstairs

go through clothes, assemble a minimalist wardrobe 

Today was supposed to be first day of school for dd.  Either school light, or start tomorrow.

Noodles/garlic bread for dinner



Have a great day!



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human care done sort of (I need to make myself more presentable for going out in public later)

dd to day camp

ds to work

kitchen is clean

tidied and took care of the stuff starting to creep into my clean dining room. 


OK - now tackle the laundry to get that humming before moving on to camp and cleaning for visitors. 

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I had a long list ready and somehow lost it, a couple hours ago.  Gave up, and now I changed my mind.  Procrastination shall reign!

  • Got up early to send out a big report.  [done]
  • Kids ready, packed, & driven to camp.  [done]
  • More work.  I have a lot of July 31 deadlines.  How many will I meet?  Hopefully all the hard ones, at least.
  • A little reading, yoga.  [done]
  • Should call the doctor about my kid's health.  Not really sure what to do.
  • Conference calls, UGH!  Can I skip them??  Please??
  • Should do some school paperwork and prepare the payment that is due tomorrow.
  • Some bills and stuff.
  • Some calendar stuff.
  • Pick up kids from camp.
  • Find someplace where I can buy swim goggles, notebook paper, gym shoes, and cereal in the east side suburbs.
  • 1 kid to math tutoring.
  • Walk with the other kid.
  • Kids fed, maybe a read-aloud, work on some Spanish.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.
  • Whatever else I'm forgetting.
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We did enough school for the first day. Dd even said that she is glad to get back into the routine. 

Errands done, including a stop for ice cream.


Next up:

call mom

tomorrow's writing, Latin, and history assignments for dd

AHG things

review multiplication tables with ds before bed

make dinner


read for fun and go to bed early





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Finished school and took ds to discipleship group


helped dd find out about getting a passport and making an appointment at the post office


My best friend has appendicitis, and they do surgery tomorrow morning. I'm probably getting her son tonight and keeping him. 



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