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Creative writing topics and writing program for advanced 6th grader

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My soon to be 6th grader is a very advanced reader and writer. We haven't used a formal writing program beyond her Language Arts program and she is writing a new "book" every time I turn around.


I'd like to give her some creative writing assignments a.s.a.p. that are challenging and more focused.

I welcome any topics and assignments you might suggest.

Also what writing programs and websites do you reccommend for a voracious writer?


Thank you!

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Brave Writer is a good approach for reluctant and prodigious writers - it's funny that way, and I think it can work for a wide variety of learners, but it's perhaps best at those two ends of the spectrum.


NaNoWriMo's novel writing materials are actually really good. And they're free. For a kid who is constantly writing her own novels, that's definitely a resource to use.


Karen Benke's books - Rip the Page and Leap Write In are good for this age and have good short exercises.


There are lots of good prompt books for creative writers. The Mysteries of Harris Burdick is my favorite, but you can find a lot of good ones. And that one is short.


I think Killgallon is a good formal writing program for creative, writing loving kids because it both teaches grammar and mechanics through good models and lets kids copy the models and learn from them.


Obviously look at OYAN and The Creative Writer. But note that OYAN is not secular if that matters to you. I don't have personal experience with either.



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I don't have personal experience with these, but I also thought of The Creative Writer or one of Lee Roddy's How To books.

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We used Adventures in Fantasy ($20 at Rainbow Resource), paired with The Imaginary World of ($12.50 at Amazon, to assist with world building), in 6th grade, and I highly recommend it. By the end of the year, she had written and edited an entire 14,000 word book. We spent the last week of school learning different methods of bookbinding, and ended up making a copy bound like a Little Golden book. She loves seeing *her* book on her bookshelf.

If you want to see how we did it, I put my schedule for using these resources up on my blog.


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Small World blog: Teaching Creative Writing -- tips for homeschool parent

Small World blog: Ultimate Guide to Creative Writing -- big list of links for all types of resources for all ages

NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program (National Novel Writing Month) materials

Walking By the Way: Creative Writing -- 9 free lessons

The English Teacher -- units for teaching facets of creative writing

The Five Facts of Fiction -- free tips



Writing Magic: Creating Stories that Fly (Levine)



Cover Story (Daniel Schwabauer) -- middle school

One Year Adventure Novel program (Daniel Schwabauer) -- high school

The Creative Writer, vol. 1 or vol. 2 (Boris Fishman) -- from TWTM Press

How to Write a Story (Lee Roddy) -- high school; from IEW

Future Learn: Start Writing Fiction -- high school/adult; free online course


Brave Writer online classes:

Passion for Fiction

Writing the Short Story

Fan Fiction

Writing a Greek Myth

Comicstrip Capers

Powerful Fiction Techniques

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My rising 8th grader specifically asked for a writing curriculum focused on writing fiction and/or short stories this year, before she has to do "all the boring high school writing," and we settled on The Creative Writer.   

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Writing Magic is really good, and it's just a little book. OYAN might be a bit advanced since it's designed for high school, but you could always make it the "Two Year Adventure Novel" if you need. They also have a follow-up curriculum that addresses writing science fiction and fantasy, if she's interested once OYAN is done.

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