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Singapore Math 7, Saxon 8/7, or Jacobs Algebra..

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Looking for suggestions for my DD (6th) - math seems to come naturally to her.  I'm wondering what to do for 6th grade - last year she did Singapore 6 and Saxon 7/6.  For this coming year I'm considering jumping her right into Jacobs Algebra w Dr Callahan.  Has anyone else done this without doing Saxon 8/7 or some other pre-algebra course first?    Thanks!  


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We went from MUS Zeta to Jacobs Algebra...the first time.  We did the first half of the Jacobs Algebra book.


The after a bit of thrashing around, my son did the first half of Saxon 8/7 and then came back to Jacobs Algebra.  He went through what he had done before in Jacobs (it was the first 6 or so chapters) and then finished the book with no problem (in fact, the got better and better as he went on).


I should mention that he was accelerated from 2nd to 4th grade in math and missed some things.  Saxon 8/7 was a good reset.


My advice would be to jump into Jacobs Algebra but to keep an eye on how things are going and make adjustments as needed.

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