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Can anyone recommend a floor cleaner for all types of floors?

luvbug in Ohio

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I briefly looked at the store yesterday, and there were so many machines I just turned around and left that aisle.I was instantly overwhelmed! :confused1:  I have hard wood floors, big area rugs/carpet and linoleum all in my house.  The linoleum is the hardest to keep up with.  It has like a pattern pressed in, giving it texture which is pretty, but a nightmare to try and clean.  It's an off white color too, so the dirt really shows!  I've tried something like a swiffer , but it was useless, the dirt down in there won't come out until I'm on my hands and knees with a bucket and scrubber. 

I need to get something that will help me keep up with my floors better.  I'd like something that would quickly clean all of my floors, instead of taking me 2 hours to just scrub that linoleum. But I'm afraid to spend that much money on a machine without knowing for sure what I'm getting.  Do they even make something that does a good job on all 3 types?  Or should I just try and find something to handle that linoleum?  I don't mind to go for a higher priced machine if it will do what I want, because I can sniff out a good deal. And if it cleans well, it will be worth the money to me.  But only if it cleans well.





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