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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!


All the things I haven't gotten done lately, including:

•clean living room

•order fly spray for horses

•bathe horses

•split dog's pills

•unpack Amazon boxes


And also:

•roast brussels sprouts

•hard boil eggs

•plan my week

•order Natural Horsemanship book for ds18 so he doesn't have to borrow my copy

•driving practice for boys

•water plants

•dinner: sweet potato taco bowls


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Good morning.  No motivation yet again on this dreary rainy FL morning,




-clean up kitchen

-straighten up in general


-order school uniforms for oldest

-get standardized test letter ready for youngest

-inventory school supplies and see what we need

-declutter one bookcase in school room


ETA:  well, I haven't accomplished much, but I did read 250 pages of my new book...

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Been to church and have had lunch.


School things:


Latin    no, but did other things instead

revise Ds' lit list

order science books   sort of


Read for fun   before bed



dinner - chx enchiladas/stuffed peppers, sliced tomatoes, and watermelon



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My kid is having a rough weekend.  I think she has something like fasting hypoglycemia.  Don't want to give her an excuse to be bratty, but we need to be more careful than we were yesterday.  :/  I just looked up fasting hypoglycemia and they say one of the causes in children is a lack of growth hormone.  Which is interesting since she has always been short for her age.  Considering that she's in puberty and hasn't had a growth spurt yet, I should probably look into that.  Sigh, one more thing to do ....

  • Today just trying to get back into the swing of things with work - I was relaxed about it yesterday.
  • Finished moving some things around and putting away my grandma's old dishes.
  • Did some Spanish review with the kids so I can pass down the easy Spanish books to the nieces.  Still have more to do ....
  • Showed the kids the co-ed version of the 5th grade puberty video their school used.  This brings up a funny.  The girls saw a lot of naked statues on our European trip, and they were most confused by the men's anatomy.  Do they have 1, 2, or 3 of those things?  LOL.  I think we've cleared that up ....  I had wanted to do this over the summer anyway, rather than have it come up during the school year when they would have to go face the boys right after.  :p  I also showed them a book with more information, but they both said I could keep it for now.  :p
  • Still hoping to get the school shopping done.
  • Hoping to do some walking.
  • May finish my Grapes of Wrath book.
  • May do some more reading with the kids.
  • Did some yoga, yippee!
  • Need to pack for tomorrow's camp.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.


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Finally placed the school orders, after doing inventories of what we already have and purging some small clothes for the nieces.  Progress.  :)


Started working on the school forms and the packing for this week's camp.


Walked 3+ miles.


Finished The Grapes of Wrath and got back on the previous book I had been reading before our trip.


Have not progressed enough on the work I was supposed to do today.  :/

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