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Can anyone recommend a personal finance course for the summer?

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Hi, I would like my daughter to learn a bit about personal finance. So this would not be for a grade, but interesting enough that she would work on it for the rest of the summer. She will be a senior this year, and would like her to learn a bit about what real life will cost!  It can be computer based or not.  Thanks!


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Dave Ramsey's Personal Finance Curriculum is currently on sale from HSBC. My daughter finished the Foundations: High School Edition in a few weeks earlier this summer. The videos themselves don't take too much time but there are other supplemental activities depending on whether you want her to do more or less.



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The Actuarial Foundation: Building Your Future -- downloadable, 4 units: Banking, Financing, Investing, Succeeding

NWT Literacy Council: Money Math -- downloadable workbook on Personal Finance, Saving Money, Consumer Math

Money Skills -- full curriculum; online reality-based personal finance high school program

- High School Financial Planning Program -- units on: control your cash flow; borrowing; earning; investing; financial services; insurance

- H&R Block Budget challenge -- online simulation tool that replicates real-world budgeting and personal finance -- free, but must register, and simulations run only during the fall and spring semesters


Not Free:

Glencoe Personal Finance -- textbook

- Council for Economic Education: Financial Fitness for Life -- student workbook & teacher guide

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Not an entire course, but a summer supplement, could be the Boy Scout Personal Finance merit badge pamphlet. It has some good exercises and projects.


I would also suggest a personal finance program, so your dd could develop the invaluable habit of keeping track of her own finances. Paper records will keep track, but not be very good atanalyzing spending.


The IRS book on the 1040 form contains a wealth of information. I may be weird, but I find it quite enjoyable to read. It will help you understand details that you will miss if you just use a turbo tax type of program.





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