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Green smoothies--favourite blender?


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Title pretty well says it all.


I'm looking for a decent blender for green smoothies that hopefully doesn't cost $$$. Any recommendations are much appreciated!


(Recipes too! This is new territory for me)

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I just use a boring old Osterizer Galaxie 10 speed but it does the trick for me. It'll pulverize apples no problem. I love that you can screw on a canning jar and the drink right out of that. My mom used to have the same one and hers lasted her a good 30 years. There are a bunch of them on ebay for quite reasonable prices.


My favourite cheapy smoothy is discounted salad mix of any type besides coleslaw or wilty lettuce and cored but not peeled, granny smith apples. Other fruit is nice too but the apples are enough.

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I love the Nutribullet I bought.   The smoothies I like to make are basically the Harley Pasternak Breakfast smoothie with some additional add-in's depending on what I want that day:


1 banana

5 almonds

1/2 cup greek plain yogurt

1/4 cup skim milk


1 apple (cored)


I like to add celery and spinach to my smoothies as well as 10 icecubes so that it is nice and cold.   Sometimes I will sub out the apple for strawberries/blueberries/peach (whatever fruit I bought at the grocery store that week.

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Look for the highest wattage Nutribullet, based on recommendations I got here, the one I picked up is 1000w. Love it. I second Bed Bath & Beyond with a 20% off coupon.


My JJ Virgin meal replacement shake goes like this:

1 c coconut milk

1 scoop vegan pea powder

1 c frozen berries

1 Tbsp chia/flax seed mix

Handful of kale or spinach

4-6 ice cubes

Water to thin if necessary


I also like green smoothies with pineapple, spinach and ice.

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