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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning all, and good luck today, Jean!  I have another day of showcase tournament baseball outdoors in the FL heat. 



-wash a load of towels

-game #1:  9 am

-hair appointment at 11:30

-game #2 (time unknown at this point)

-three loads of laundry

-finish my book

-eat Whole30, get enough vegetables, drink enough water

-dinner (some sort of chicken, depending on game schedule)

-purge/organize two shelves in the school room

-plan a road trip for the weekend

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Jean, I hope all goes well.


Trash day! Our bin is overflowing.  We'll have another bin full next week.


Trash to curb - done

Boys to/from workshop


Prep dh's office for vacuuming/shampooing

Vacuum and shampoo dh's office carpet

Put ds2's room back together

Whatever else I can manage.  

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Good morning!


(((Jean))) Hope it goes smoothly for you today.



•office work - government paperwork that I've been putting off all month (ugh.)

•pay credit card bills

•post office

•must make sure kids are enrolled in their upcoming online classes

•order fly spray for horses

•work some more on menu planning

•dinner: breakfast for dinner

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Jean, praying all goes well today! 



slept in


fed cats

started dishwasher since I forgot last night


To Do:


pack to go out of town (going to stay at my sister's house north of Atlanta to work at the homeschool convention this weekend)

go through my school prep list and do final stuff 


tidy house


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Good morning! I had the am practice again, not sure how that happened, but here I am at Starbucks. Dd2 has a friend coming over for the day, so there is some stuff with that. Also she has a team dinner tonight, so more chauffeuring responsibilities.


To do:

Go over draft of itinerary

Clean up house a little

Take girls for pedicure (might be afternoon)

Maybe get one for me

Pick up ds3 from tennis



Panic about not being ready for family reunion weekend this weekend

Panic about not being ready for travel meet

Take girls to dinner



Have a great day!

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Yesterday tackled me - I had to be out with the kids by 7:30am so they could go on a field trip, then (in a suit!) to the office to be with a client all day, sneaking my regular work in when I wasn't presenting, then to math and dinner for my kids, and then about 8:30 I took a nap.  When I woke up, I felt sick to my stomach, so I tucked the kids into bed and went back to sleep.

BUT I really needed to get up and deal with a client emergency that came up a little after 5pm yesterday.  :/  I just couldn't do it.


So today I was up at 5am to deal with the issue.  A mistake was made, both the client and I share the blame, but it needs to be fixed.


The list:

  • Up early to work.
  • Some laundry so the kids have clean camp t-shirts.
  • Kids up & ready for camp (driven by someone else).
  • Clean a bathroom & part of the kitchen.
  • More work.
  • I'm supposed to go to the office for Day 2 with the visiting client, but will probably skip it in favor of other urgent work.  My role can be played by others.
  • Try to fit in some reading, exercise, housework.
  • Whenever the kids come home, I will have them clean out my car & some other stuff in exchange for ride/game money for tomorrow's outing.
  • Read-aloud?
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.
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Back from the lake. Lovely visit with a friend and a nice change of pace. Tired from staying up too late talking! 


Now back to work...


figure out dinner  (steak and veggies, I think)

make calls

text milk man

budget/pay bills?

make sure kids practice piano




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I am still so behind on my work.  Ugh!


I made my kids do some work this evening to earn spending money for the local "Home Days."  The biggest thing was cleaning out the back seat of my car.  Which should be a minor thing, except that my kids are slobs (and they should be paying ME for that, but I digress).  I had bought some armor-all (?) wipes and we all went at it for quite some time.  It looks better, but still needs some more work.  Hopefully my kids will be a little more careful in the future ... I can dream ....


Then my lazy kid did a load of laundry and they both did a variety of little things.  And finally a shower and hair wash.  Somehow all that took until 11:30pm.  They are gonna collapse 5 minutes into their sleepover tomorrow night.  :P  The host mom plans to take them to the Home days and then fireworks at 10pm.  I hope they last that long.


We should have packed for tomorrow, but we didn't.  I laid a few things out, and will have to get the rest together in the morning before camp.


I should go to bed soon so I can wake up early and do all the things.

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