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Christopherus Curriculum Question

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I have two girls who just finished up kindergarten and 2nd grade in public school.  I want to start the Christopherus curriculum and, for ease of execution, am thinking of just blending the two grades and having the girls share a 2nd grade curriculum. I know that this isn't ideal and not really "Waldorf," but neither is dealing with a newborn while renovating our house and simultaneously homeschooling.  My younger one reads well already, so I'm not too concerned about the curriculum being too advanced for her, but I'm concerned that the 2nd grade curriculum might not be advanced enough for the 3rd grader?  Any thoughts on this? 


Thanks so much!

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Do you have the Christopherus curriculum already? I got a few of her books when I first started homeschooling, and I personally don't think it's the easiest curriculum to implement. In your particular situation, I might shy away from it. What are the things you like about it? Are you 100% set on using that particular curriculum? She has a lot of great ideas and advice, but the books I got at least weren't what I'd consider "open and go"-- not the end of the world, unless you are in the middle of renovating your house and have a baby, too! However, if you're sure that's the one you want to use, hopefully there is someone here who has used it at the grade 2 level and can tell you whether that will be appropriate for your grade 3.


There are things I can combine for grade 1 and grade 3 (all read-alouds, art and music, most science and history), but they are doing vastly different things in math. Still, they can each get through math (generally) in less than 20 minutes daily, so that's not terribly time-consuming.

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Thanks for the thoughts!  I don't have it yet, but I did take a look at a friend's, and I did read Donna Simon's curriculum overview.  It spoke to me in a way that Charlotte Mason and others haven't -- at least thus far.  I love the way it considered the whole child and, as someone else on another site said, "didn't treat the child as just a brain with legs" (or something to that effect -- ha!).   don't know how much of the curriculum I'd stick to, but it'd be at least a starting point.  So just to clarify, are you saying that there are things you can combine for grade 1 and 3 using the Christopherus curriculum?  Or are you using something else now?

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