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Kids Clothing


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For 14 year old boy:


2 swim suits

3 pairs of jeans

3 pairs of khakis

5 pairs of shorts

5 polo shirts

5 t-shirts

3 short sleeved button down shirts

3 long sleeved button down shirts

14 pairs of underpants

6 undershirts

3 pairs of winter pjs

3 pairs of summer pjs

14 pairs of socks


water shoes

hiking boots

winter boots

sweat pants

sweat shirt


Required for concerts:

1 pair black dress pants

1 long sleeved white shirt

1 black blazer


1 pair black dress shoes

1 pair black socks

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Enough to last about 10 days, I suppose.


When they had a school uniform (blue polos and khakis), I bought enough to last a week. I suppose they have a little more than the equivalent now, in terms of school outfits, where there isn't a uniform.


I also make sure they have a coat/jacket, bathing suit, robe, a couple of dressier outfits (for wedding/funeral/school presentation, etc), and 2-3 sets of clothes for dance class, which is 3-6 times a week. Plus appropriate undergarments, socks, and shoes for all activities. 


I generally do laundry once a week, but don't want to run out of clothes if I can't do laundry when I expected. I live in an apartment without my own washer/dryer, so that is a factor.

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School uniform - 2 trousers, 2 shirts and 1-2 polar fleeces for winter and 2 shorts and two sweatshirts for summer (they wear the same polo shirts year round). 4 trousers, 4 t shirts and a polar fleece or sweatshirt etc plus a good shirt for non school. Raincoat. We don't do pyjamas. 2 sets of rash vest and swimming shorts.


I wash every two days or so.

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We don't do seasonal wardrobes.  I was wearing a sweatshirt yesterday because it was chilly. That's a little unusual for late July during the day, but it's frequently chilly at night or in the early morning throughout the summer.  My boys run hot, so we keep shorts and tees through the winter or they'll run around the house mostly naked. 


My kids, including most of my teenagers, play pretty rough outside, so we keep "decent" clothes, plus a ton of "you can keep messing these up until they completely fall apart" clothes.


We're ALWAYS short on shoes, despite spending our lives tripping over them. It's so hard to keep up with everyone's footwear needs!  At least with laundry, I'm constantly reminded of what most of us own and what's on its last legs.

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No matter how many outfits we have, it turns out my kids end up wanting to wear the same few things over and over. I guess they're kind of like me that way! They each have about 3-4 tops, 3-4 bottoms, a couple pairs of pajamas, and I just do the laundry every 1-2 days. This is an improvement over my previous system of having 20 outfits for each kid and then having them complain each day because the clothes they really want to wear-- the ones they wore yesterday-- were in the wash.

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I aim for 7-10 outfits shorts + shirts / pants + long sleeved tops), but we somehow end up with more.


No pjs, 2-3 sets swimsuits. Extra underwear and socks.


I think it's worse as they get older because they don't grow out of clothes so fast.

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We have about 2 weeks worth of clothes.


One thing that I am unsure of is heavy coats. We are in a climate that requires a coat about 4 days a year. Last year, I forgot to buy a coat for my 10 year old. He wouldn't wear his 8 year old brothers lame coat, so he just went cold for the 4 days. I am thinking of not buying him a coat this year, either, but this year not because of scatter brained-ness. :)

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We do 5 pair of jeans each, approximately that many shorts as well (since both can be worn more than once before washing), and we started off with around 10 shirts for daily wear and probably 5 for dressier occasions ("dressier" meaning a combination of polo shirts, button up shirts, etc.). They've added t-shirts as they find ones they like and want to buy. With the older kids, that means they now have gobs and gobs, since they are no longer outgrowing them.


We don't do seasonal, because we need our "summer clothes" all year long (literally one December we had 24 degrees, and 3 days later, 74 degrees. That's extreme, but fairly representative of our "winter" around here). 



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Teen boys

2-3 pair jeans 1 pair is nice, other is work, usually if have 3rd pair it is both work & decent

4-5 pair basketball type shorts - sleep & hang around house in these

3-4 pair button shorts - leave the house shorts

10-15 tshirts - mix of decent & work/around house shirts

4-6 nice snap up shirt

LOTS of underwear & socks

2 pair tennis shoes - 1 nice, 1 work

2 pair boots - 1 nice, 1 work

2-3 hoodies

1 winter coat


Seems like a lot typing it out but We do actually have all 4 seasons but sometimes they get confused. It was warm in February but cool in May this year. Summer is always hot & humid.


Ds works outside (wears shorts & tshirt) and comes home everyday soaking wet in sweat. He immediately either showers or just changes clothes (might need to do something around here but wants dry clothes) then after shower is another set of clothes.


ETA: that is not per season but total clothes all year.

And that is what I try to keep. Right now they quiet a few more t-shirts.

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For winter:

Girls - 3 pairs of pants/leggings that mix and match with 3-4 tops, 1 pair of nice jeans with 2-3 tops, 3 pairs of jammies, 1 pair of play pants with 2 tops (for outside), 1 nice sweatshirt, 1 gettin' dirty sweatshirt, 3 dresses for church. Shoes- boots (like Uggs), sneakers, everyday shoes, play shoes, church shoes.

Son- 3 pairs of nice jeans, 6-7 nice tops, 1 pair of play pants with 2-3 tops, 1 nice sweatshirt, 1 play sweatshirt, 4 jammy bottoms, 1 pair of khakis with 3 tops for church. Shoes- everyday day shoes, good sneakers, play sneakers, church shoes.


Girls - 3-4 dresses, 1-2 shorts/skirts with 2-3 coordinating tops, 2 pairs play shorts with 3-4 tops, 3 pairs of jammies. Shoes- good sandals, play sandals, sneakers, church sandals.

Son- he has way too many shorts this year because I bought ahead when he was little, so like 8/9 pairs of shorts with 8/9 shirts, 2 play shorts with 6 tops (which serve as sleep shirts, too), 5 jammy shorts. Shoes - good sandals, play sandals, sneakers and church sandals.

They each have a swimsuit and a good coat and a play jacket.

I do their laundry once a week. More if a nice piece of clothing gets dirty.

I decided a year ago I'd rather buy fewer quality items than have a bunch of poor quality items. I would pick up random things on sale and try to make it work. I was drowning in laundry!!Now it's kind of like a capsule wardrobe for children. They're learning to look at their things when they change and decide if it can be worn again or if it is truly dirty.

It feels like my son has more things, especially jammies since he's more likely to get them dirty. [emoji4] My girls have become quite good at telling me when something gets a spot so I can treat it and wash it so that we keep their nice things looking nice.

When they had a tons of things to choose from they'd always wear the same 4 or 5 things over and over. So, really they wear the same amount, they just only have those 4 or 5 favorites as options.

Switching to fewer items was freeing. [emoji4]


ETA 4 summer church items each.


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I'm a minimalist so five outfits for each for each season.


For ds, that is 5 shorts/5 tees in the summer. Two jeans/5 long sleeve tees in winter. One pair slides, one pair tennis shoes. A coat and a hoodie.


For dd, five shorts/tees for summer. Two pair summer shoes. Winter is five long sleeve tees and five pair leggings. One hoodie, one coat. Two pair winter shoes.


In reality, they usually end up with more clothed than this. Some things carry over from last season. Sometimes they get clothes as gifts. Dd usually ends up with dresses because they are gifted to her for various holidays.


I don't really bother with dress clothes because we don't need them. Neither wears pajamas to sleep but dd wears them around the house.

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So I just was working on sorting through my tall ds8's clothes for this year and thought of this thread. We tried on pants and separated too big, too small, ok fitting. The problem is, my mother buys and ships clothes to me from second hand sources. She likes thrift shopping. In the ok fitting pile, I have 28 pairs of pants. 6 jeans, 12 chino/khaki type, and about 10 track/sweat pants. I have bought none of them. I would like to buy one pair of really good fitting jeans, but I won't. I have no idea how to further winnow them down, and have a hard time discarding/donating, especially when I have a younger son with a different body type so the best fitting pairs for him might not be the same. I have like 10-12 huge tubs of clothes in my garage filled with bigger sizes, and sizes between the boys. I should be (and am at least somewhat) grateful to not have to spend any money on clothes, but I am constantly overwhelmed trying to juggle and organize huge inventories, which is a weakness of mine in the first place. She just sent me an entire wardrobe basically of size 5/6 clothes for the younger, when I already have too many size 6 clothes from what she's bought before for the older. Tomorrow we'll go through the 14 pairs of khaki and navy chino shorts plus all the athletic shorts for my older. There's probably at least 50 shirts in every size. OK, that was a vent. I advise less than what I have.

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Well my teen does his own laundry so I have him just let me know if he's low on anything because I don't look in his closet often. I think that he has about 5 pairs of cords for winter, about 5 pairs of shorts for summer, maybe 4 pairs of sweatpants for around the house, tons of t shirts, a few sweatshirts and a few jackets and coats.

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We have about 2 weeks worth of clothes.


One thing that I am unsure of is heavy coats. We are in a climate that requires a coat about 4 days a year. Last year, I forgot to buy a coat for my 10 year old. He wouldn't wear his 8 year old brothers lame coat, so he just went cold for the 4 days. I am thinking of not buying him a coat this year, either, but this year not because of scatter brained-ness. :)


We live in a similar climate.  I bought 3 of my children Columbia insulated vests. I bought my youngest a $30 coat from Costco.  She's small enough that she doesn't have much natural insulation. :)

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