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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!


•get my morning chores done early

•take shower so I'm presentable for 7:30 farrier and horse vet appt.


•dust and vacuum basement

•unpack order that was delivered yesterday

•finish up July bills and paperwork

•hay delivery this afternoon

•read if I have time

•work on menu planning project

•dinner: loaded baked potato soup

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Vacuum whole house


Mop all floors


Clean bathrooms


Change sheets in twins rooms


2 loads of laundry


Empty ash from both fireplaces


Clean oven


Clean part of fridge


Schoolwork with twins all morning


Schoolwork with ds13 all afternoon, didn't get all of it done


Bacon, eggs and vegetables for tea

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Good morning! I am waiting at Starbucks, because dh had an early morning meeting, so I have the am practice. Yesterday, I was exhausted and nothing was accomplished. Today must be more productive.


To do:

Pick up dd2 and take her home

Get license plates for car

Store if time before ds3's pick up from tennis

Mend dd2's dress


Daily chores

Get lists etc organized for meeting

Read a little

Jen things

Meeting re: travel meet

Home to vent and drink a beer


Have a great day!

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Good morning!  Had quite a day yesterday - my 16 year old backed his truck up right into the garage door....about $600 to replace the broken lenses that cover the tail lights (seriously?  for plastic pieces??) and close to $1000 to get a new garage door.  Sigh.  He was very shaken up and it was a good lesson about driving when you are tired and running late and distracted by those things.





-drop off books at library

-work with 16 year old on his summer assignments

-laundry (husband has run out of whites, have to wash all sheets for cleaning people tomorrow)

-showcase baseball tournament (after 3 days of rainouts games start today) - game at 2 pm (two games tomorrow, two Thursday, who knows weekend schedule - I hate these things but luckily this tournament is in our home town - teams have flown in from across the country to participate and I cannot imagine having to deal with this crap from a hotel)

-straighten up for cleaning people tomorrow

-dinner (chicken of some kind)

-eat Whole30, get in all my vegetables, and drink lots and lots of water

-scrub/soak/power wash/wash white baseball pants for tomorrow's games

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  • Kids to camp.

I'm working in the office.

Finish the work I promised to finish yesterday.

Call glasses place for kid.

Sign up for car appt. already.

Lots more work.

Pick up kids, grab some food on the run, take them to gymnastics.

Walk while the kids play.



Kids to bed.


Whatever I'm forgetting.

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regular grocery store

token school


DS to camp

dry goods store

fabric store

Bonus: sewed two bags!

get DS from camp

retrieve bins - DH did

dinner: waffles


To Do:

vacuum living room - deferred to tomorrow (which is cleaning day anyway)

order gift

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We had another power outage this morning but without storms. I've done some tidying up and made a couple of phone calls that I didn't really plan on. They were productive calls, though. 


Now to get myself ready and vacuum/sweep before tutoring student comes. I need to figure out lunch, too. 

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Morning, all!



dog to groomer



To do:

vacuum/mop downstairs

sort books for school

work on planner for year

drop dd off to shop/lunch with friends

donation bags to goodwill


workout/keep up on water intake


Have a great day!


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✳ï¸Clean kitchen


[emoji736]Thaw meat


✳ï¸LA, bible copywork and math with older kids, reading with younger


✳ï¸Make the chili for the freezer I didn't get done yesterday


✳ï¸Finish the curtains I didn't finish yesterday


[emoji736]Hang the bedroom blackout curtains


✳ï¸Take kids swimming





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Good day.....

- coffee- in progress

- take dh to work- done (the battery died in his truck)

- take friend to work- done (she's staying with us until she can get back on her feet)

- laundry- in dryer

- fold laundry

- tidy house - done

- dishes- load 2 in dishwasher and handwashed the rest

- crochet- I finished a row so far

- school stuff

- pick friend up from work- getting a ride from a co-worker

- pick dh up from work- getting ride from his boss so they can jump the truck (and pray it's just a dead battery)

- dinner- meat pulled to thaw and planned

- work

- baths/showers

- bedtime routine

- anything else I get done

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I'm caught up on sleep and I think I'm ready for Tuesday.

Dd1 bought the car yesterday!!!  :driving: :thumbup1:


- Work on insurance billing paperwork

- Lesson planning

- Pay a bill

- Take dd3 to art class

- Get dinner in the crockpot

- Pick up dd3

- Bank

- WalMart

- Client appointments

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  • Kids to camp.  DONE
  • I'm working in the office.  DONE
  • Finish the work I promised to finish yesterday.   DONE
  • Call glasses place for kid.  DONE
  • Sign up for car appt. already.  DONE - APPT IS THURSDAY
  • Lots more work.  DID SOME
  • Pick up kids, grab some food on the run, take them to gymnastics.  DONE - ALSO GOT GLASSES FIXED
  • Walk while the kids play.  DONE - A LITTLE MORE THAN 3 MILES
  • Laundry.  NOPE, TOMORROW.
  • Kids to bed.  DONE
  • Work.  DID SOME
  • Whatever I'm forgetting.



So I learned today that my kids need to be at camp at 8am Wednesday, which means morning is gonna be crazy.  Also, I need to wear a suit for an all-day client meeting.  :/


So I decided to take out the garbage tonight.

Before that, I cleaned out the critter cages.

And I set up a "potty" for the guinea pig, hoping we can train him to use it ....

Did a wee bit of cleaning.

Got the kids' stuff ready for tomorrow so they can just throw on their clothes & run out the door.

Now I want to go to bed, though I will need to get up early in the a.m. to get some work out ....


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