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Dr. Hive -- nasacort and benedryl


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I have awful seasonal allergies right now. I took nasacort a while ago, but I know you need to use that every day for it to work, and I'm still new to it. I can't find any information regarding whether it's safe for me to take a benedryl alongside the nasacort to help with immediate allergy symptoms tonight. 

When I googled, all I could find was a pretty standard CYA advising me to consult my doctor before taking more than one allergy medication together... but I also know that benedryl and nasacort are two entirely different medications.


Anyone taken them together? I'm miserable.  

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I take a steroid nasal spray plus an oral antihistamine every day during allergy season. If my wimpy antihistamine (zyrtec) isn't cutting it, I will occasionally take a benadryl on top of all the rest, to try to get back on top of the symptoms. I only take benadryl if dh is home to help with the kids, tho, because it makes me a bit slow.

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Here's what I know you can do.

You can take benedryl at night and allegra during the day.

And you can take Naselcrom with either of them, because rather than being a steroid based nasel spray, it gradually forms a bit of a physical barrier to allergens in your nasel membranes, so it's not really like a drug.

At least that is what my allergist has told me.


I try to avoid the nasel steroids because there is evidence that they contribute to eyesight problems down the road, and we have a family history of cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration, plus really bad nearsightedness, so I am glad to have an alternative and not have to risk problems.

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