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Meal ideas.... low perishables


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We RV full-time so space is at a premium. Especially the fridge. I hate, hate having to go to the store every couple days because our fridge doesn't hold a lot. I need meal ideas that don't contain or contain small amounts of perishables.


I already have chili mac on rotation.


More ideas please? If I can make just one less trip per week I'd be a... wait for it... happy camper. Oh yes, I said it.

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Here's our pantry meals:

Bean burritos

Fruit and nuts (can be non-fridge fruit)

Spaghetti with jar sauce

Hamburgers on the grill

Butter noodles (usually with Parmesan)

Crock pot shredded chicken (use for burritos, nachos, etc)

Crock pot BBQ sandwiches (cook a roast on low, chop it up, add BBQ sauce)

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Hard shell tacos or nachos??  Can you make baked potatoes?  Tacos one day and use the leftovers for loaded potatoes for lunch.  Probably still too many perishables with all that dairy...


I like the idea but tacos require more than dairy, at least for us lol. Lettuce, tomato, cheese, sour cream. Wait.... I forgot about taco salad. Taco's for dinner, taco salad for lunch the next day. Genius! :)

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How about a cooler with ice to expand your fridge space?  If it's indoors and not opened regularly, it should last a few days and give you some needed space.


I agree re: an auxillary cooler.


Perhaps this is the time to look into one of those super duper heavily insulated coolers (think Yetti) that will keep things cold for 5-7 days... :confused1:


Good luck!

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Taco soup can be all pantry for us, with (preferably) dairy or avocado on top.


Salmon croquettes.


Tuna salad (celery, but you could eat the sticks with hummus for lunch one day, saving back a couple for tuna the next day).


Chicken noodle soup can be passably made with broth, canned chicken, and noodles. Celery and carrots if you have any left from your hummus lunch. ;)

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