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Help me with 3rd grade?


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So I homeschooled my daughter for K, 1st, and half of 2nd, then we put her in a private classical Christian school. We did that because we were having major behavioral issues and school did seem to help. I loved the school so much and we thought we'd be able to spring it financially, but we just can't. Back to homeschooling we go. She's doing SO much better now and I think it will be a good year. Can you guys look over what I have planned and tell me if I'm forgetting something?

Math - Singapore 2B/3A. She takes a long time to grasp concepts so I'm backing up a bit. Also, Rocket Math (timed fact drills daily)

LA - The Good and the Beautiful Level 2. It's supposed to cover phonics, reading, grammar, poetry, art, writing, etc.

Cursive - A Reason for Handwriting C

History - The Good and the Beautiful. Both she and my 1st grader will be doing this together. I'll add a few readers and picture books to go with each time period.

Art - Artistic Pursuits 2? Maybe?

Science - Going to try TGATB Science, as well, the insect unit, along with the Nature Notebook. Maybe a few books from A Mind in the Light booklist.

Literature - I'm... not sure yet. Ill probably just pick a few from several homeschool curricula for read alouds and also maybe a couple books for her to read. (She's getting better but still not totally fluent yet.... Like, she won't just sit down and read a chapter book). Ill just have her narrate but that's really it.

There's also soccer in the fall and spring and a homeschool sports day every other Friday here that I plan on signing her up for.

So, am I ruining her? Lol!


ETA: Oh, forgot... Veritas Press SP Bible and a bit of morning time (hymn of the month, memory verses, catechism) and Training Hearts, Teaching Minds

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I haven't kept up with all the new options, so I don't know all the programs you're describing. My one suggestion is that you look at WHY she's doing so much better now, what they were doing at the cs, and consider carrying it through. It may have been the materials or methodology or both. Either way, she's doing better, which means something they were doing was helping and should continue.


For instance, I don't know all those programs to help you analyze, but are they very mom-driven? Was the work at the cs more independent and with a list? And is this stuff you're looking at very dependent on discussion, going to have her waiting around for a younger sibling, when maybe she got used to higher structure, a list, clear expectations, and being able to work bam, bam, bam...


It's just stuff to look at really seriously. My ds has significant behaviors, so that's what I'm honing in on, saying if you don't want the behaviors to return, you want to continue the methodology that was working. We do that with my ds. I have workers come in my home, but whether it's me or a worker, we're always using the same structures. The materials may very, but the methods of working together (clear structure, clear plan, lists, know the expectations, things he can do independently, etc.) are important. Structure decreases behaviors.


I don't know if I'm seeing things you can structure, things where she can go ok this is my list I work on while Mom is working with the others... For 3rd grade, that's a normal expectation.


Of course not! I hope you have a great year :-)


And yes, I hope you have a great year! :)

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Looks good to me :)


Does she already write some in cursive? My only complaint of RFW C is the lines are really small. My daughter struggled with that while learning cursive so I switched her to Charlotte Mason cursive which has been better for her. She was coming into never having done cursive.

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The point about using too many subjects from one publisher is a good idea to consider (unless you already know that your DD really, really enjoys that publisher's materials).


Also, the idea that you may want to examine what is making the difference for your child after spending some time in a B & M school setting is worthwhile. My son went to a B & M school after being homeschooled for grades K-3. He came back last year willing to work at home without complaining all day and disrupting my other kids and the entire household. He needed to experience for himself that doing some kind of schoolwork most days of the week was indeed "normal" for kids his age and our once weekly co-op was not providing this for him. He definitely now is more appreciative of the opportunity to homeschool and is more focused and mature about his workload.  It's been lovely having him back!


Otherwise, your curricula looks fine to me and I wish you a great year ahead!! : )

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Spelling? That's the only glaring hole I can see. I'm not familiar with The Good and the Beautiful at all; it may be in there.


If she's new to cursive I'd start with the Transition book, but if she did cursive last year C should be fine.


See if you can't get her to tell you which parts of the school day meant a lot to her and helped her learn best. She may not be able to tell you but she may have some good insight to help you cater to the way she learns best.


Enjoy the journey! Sounds like you're off to a fabulous year! :thumbup1:  Some random, general hindsight I wish I had when my oldest was this age: Teach the kid in front of you and not a curriculum. The persistent hard work it takes to establish good habits and keep them is really, really worth it. Remember 8 really is a little kid.... it can be so hard to "see" that when it's your oldest. Btdt. Be mindful of possible special needs; homeschool kids aren't exempt contrary to popular belief.  

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Ordinarily I'd agree about the one publisher thing, but G&B has gone out if their way to mix it up, within each subject, between years of the same subject, and between subjects. Like they knocked it out of the park in the "mixing it up" category! 


Op, it's a rock solid plan. I hope it goes smoothly!

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