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While working on meal planning, I was just curious what your family has for breakfast.


These are our usual meals:


Scrambled Eggs, Toast & Fruit


Cereal or Granola, Hard Boiled Egg & Fruit


Smoothies, I give them a hard boiled egg, piece of cheese or some nuts if this doesnt fill them up.


Peanut Butter Toast & Fruit


Waffles & Fruit (sometimes bacon)


Sometimes Steel Cut Oats ( not in the summer)

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2 eggs however one likes them, coupled with sauteed summer squash (in summer), potatoes (in winter), green pepper, onions, mushrooms, spinach, and purslane (in summer).  I do my sauteed veggies on the side (as does youngest son).  Hubby and middle son like theirs mixed into scrambled eggs and put into a tortilla.


If in a hurry, we'll do toast instead (with or without eggs).  Or cereal.


If we have leftovers of any type, we eat those (pizza, Chinese, chicken, etc) instead.


But today we're eating bagels.  We're on a trip and my mom bought them for us to enjoy, so... Whole Wheat for me - Everything for mom and hubby.


Once in a while hubby will do pancakes or french toast for himself and any lad who happens to be home.  I don't really like those, so if I eat them, it's supper, not breakfast.

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Breakfast here is simple and usually fend for yourself.


Me -- Cheese toast (toast a piece of sourdough bread, melt a slice of deli cheese on it in the microwave)

DS18 -- Toaster waffles or peanut butter toast

DS21 -- Not a breakfast eater

DH -- A cup of kefir or some peanut butter toast

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Only one here eats breakfast regularly.  He eats a variety of things (eggs, pancakes, cereal, toast, etc.). 


I will make him breakfast if it involves cooking, but otherwise he gets it himself. 


In the rare event I eat anything, it's usually leftovers from dinner, nuts, or no sugar added yogurt. 



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At the ages my kids are, everyone is on their own.  


My husband makes an egg 99% of the time. Sometimes he accompanies it with sausage.


My daughter has a smoothie, or toast, or a hard boiled egg, or nothing.


My son has eggs, or grits, or cold cereal. Sometimes a sausage.


Sometimes I do steel-cut oats which I start the night before; when I do that, everyone has those.  


I scrounge. Often it's a piece of cheese toast at about 10 or 11.  Or a hardboiled egg.

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During the school year, I have breakfast ready for the youngest 4 when they come downstairs, usually toast & yogurt or toast & protein/fruit smoothie. I've tried this summer to let them all learn to make their own breakfasts (choose a protein, a starch, a fruit, etc), but it's not going well... Just this morning, one is in tears, one is refusing to eat, and one is gorging himself on bagels. Fun times.

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Nothing gets us through a day like eggs.


Fried eggs

Poached eggs


Soft boiled eggs

Scrambled eggs

All manner of baked eggs, flat on a plate or in little cocottes

Frittatas, if we have time


We may have sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast


Tea or coffee


Ds likes pancakes, so we do those sometimes, regular pancakes from Joy of Cooking. I would like to try other types of pancakes, but ds is happy with what we have.


Once in a while, French toast, but only if we get challah.


I like oatmeal with brown sugar and heavy cream, plus a soft boiled egg. TJ has a wonderful ancient grain oatmeal type cereal.


Familia (cereal). But if I get a box, I will eat the entire contents almost immediately, childhood favorite.


My mother used to make things like creamed chipped beef on toast or kippers or kedgeree. I can explain kippers and kedgeree, but to this day, I do not know where chipped beef comes from.

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Coffee and a rice cake

Ds usually has a granola bar

Obviously, were not big on breakfast... I wish we were. I'd rather eat a large breakfast, and then small snacks the rest of the day.

If my kids dont eat a big breakfast they ask for food all day. I usually wait until everyome has been up an hour or so to cook.

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I forgot to include yogurt with my "when in a hurry" list from above.


And breakfast is always a "get what you want" in our house too.  We rarely make it a formal meal.  The best I do is clean the veggies that need cleaning/trimming (like peppers) for everyone when I'm fixing my own since I always am up and eat first.  Others cut/dice the veggies to their own specifications.

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The usual suspects:

-cereal (not much since it's expensive and my kids finish a box quickly)

-oatmeal (sometimes other grains like quinoa, bulgur)

-eggs (we have chickens so we eat a lot of eggs)

-fruit (baked apples, fruit salad, whatever's in season)

-yogurt w/granola and/or fruit


-toast and a nut butter

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Everyone on their own.


During school: kids have toast, veggie muffins or some kid of carbs. Maybe deviled eggs, bacon or other easy to grab protein.


I am low carb...so when I splurge I have avocado toast with cheese or bacon. Yum. Usually summer is protein shake cold decaf coffee, and school is meat and cheese roll ups, deviled eggs or 3 turkey sausage links.


ETA: Replying again to add that we do breakfast breads a lot (banana, cranberry, pumpkin, lemon) and I'm working on finding protein rich muffin recipes... that use protein powder, eggs, Greek yogurt etc as a base and then adding in. Pinterest has been helpful 😜

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My personal preference is a bowl of cereal.  My kids eat this when they don't have the time or appetite for something cooked.


My kids tend to like eggs and toast about half of the time.  They can make this themselves if no adult is up to it.


Pancakes are for mornings when we have more time.


One of my kids likes toast with cinnamon or peanut butter.


The kids usually have a yogurt-with-fruit drink with their breakfast.


I used to be militant about serving fresh fruit with breakfast every day, but after enough days of nobody eating it, I quit torturing myself.  Sometimes I offer it, sometimes they eat it.  I'm not going to worry about it.  They do eat a whole foods multi-vitamin with breakfast.

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For me, 2 eggs and fruit or oatmeal, or leftovers.

For dh, eggs and meat, and potatoes if we have them. Fruit maybe. Leftovers.

For ds, 3 eggs; ham, bacon or Canadian bacon; hash browns, pan fried potatoes, or oatmeal; fruit. Sometimes pancakes in addition to the rest.

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When I have a few minutes, I usually offer the kids a choice of oatmeal, yogurt, or scrambled eggs. When we are late and running out the door, it's often a piece of bread with butter (if we have bread in the house) or a larabar and a cheese stick or two in the car. 1-2 times a month, DH cooks pancakes as a special treat. When we are home all morning, breakfast is usually followed up with a plate of fresh fruit and veg within an hour or two. I try to avoid giving the kids cold cereal.


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