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Need Help from veteran users of Jacobs Geometry 2nd ed., will be teaching in fall

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I'll be teaching Jacob's 2nd ed. in the fall to 2 students, one being my dd.  I remember reading in the forum somewhere that you shouldn't skip problems because it wasn't written that way, that the student should do it all from beginning to end for each section.  Is this what everyone would suggest?  Just wondering if it is asking too much of the student and if they will be able to finish the program by the end of the year.


Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated since I haven't done geometry since high school, maybe it will come back quickly.  It was one of the easiest math classes I took besides Differential equations.  I could do that with algebra 1 by quickly looking at the ex. to refresh my mind but I probably need to do the homework myself before I assign it to the students.


Thank you,


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Jacobs Algebra is the one where you should assign all of Set II or Set III (or both, if the student needs extra practice), but not evens or odds.


I used the 2nd edition geometry book as a supplement to Derek Owens geometry class (so I selected problems for my son to do) and in looking at it now, it is not set up the way the algebra book is.  There are three sets of problems for each section.  Set I appears to be the most basic.  Set II is more focused on problem solving and when proofs appear, they appear in Set II.  Set III problems are brain twister type problems, similar to the Set IV problems in the algebra book.


If I were going to use this book with one student, I would do all of the Set I problems orally as well as some of the Set II problems.  I would assign the remaining Set II problems to work independently.  I would only assign the Set III problems to a student who likes that sort of thing.  I'm not sure how well this approach would work with two students at the same time because you'd probably have to have them alternate who does each problem, making it so each student only gets half the benefit from the problem set.


I can't remember if Jacobs gives some guidance for how to assign problems in the teacher's guide.  I'd look, but my copy is inaccessible at the moment. 


Hopefully someone who knows more about this will respond!

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