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Science- HELP!


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We have a bad habit of starting each year strong in science and somewhere around Christmas it begins to get done less and less until we aren't doing it at all (I work full time outside of the home so time is an issue).  I will have a 4th grader this year and was all set to use Guest Hollow's free Chemistry program because it uses Ellen McHenry (which I have heard is really enjoyable).  However, I am now rethinking that this program  may be a bit advanced for 4th grade.  So, does anyone have a Chemistry program you would recommend?  Actually, I would also be open to an age appropriate science that touches on chemistry, as well as other topics.  I REALLY want to find something that holds our attention and we are excited about.  Thank you!

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I am wondering if you find something that might be a bit more independent if it would be helpful? A couple come to mind..


RS4K textbooks, I feel, are really kid friendly. I am sure your 4th grader could read the sections. You could put the supplies for each experiment together in advance in a zip lock bag and supervise as needed and come together for discussion.


Another is a DVD series called Super Charged Science which can be a little spendy but good. Kids can watch the videos and do it along. They have different levels geared at different ages.


Mystery Science is also good but might require more of your time. I think it is fun and kid friendly.



Here is a link for super charged science if interested


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Memoria Press Science




Just pick one that looks interesting. No experiemnts to do. MP's thoughts are to focus on the world around them until high school. MP has lesson plans for each one, too. Scroll down to the Science section.




Good luck!

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What about ScienceSaurus and their daybooks? You buy them at grade level, so no worries there. It's independent reading, worksheets, very little teacher involvement, plus an online component with games, videos, and virtual labs/interactives. We added in TOPS kits for hands on activities using no special supplies (and one had a box of materials you could order with everything you need in it anyways), but you don't really need to add on anything.


At that age we used Inquiry in Action for chemistry. Very age appropriate and focused on teaching the kids how scientists actually do science (dh is a chemist and picked it out). It also includes some science history. We added in Basher science and some Eyewitness books, plus a chemistry kit you can get at a craft store mostly for fun. It was a great year!


Honestly, I wouldn't recommend McHenry if you are pressed for time. It is very time consuming for the teacher. If you buy it and skip all the activities it'd be a bit of a waste. But the reading and videos she selects were very interesting to my daughter. Maybe you could pick just one or two activities per chapter. She has a suggested age range for each unit which seemed accurate to us.

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