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Veritas Press for kindergarten?


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My son is starting kindergarten and we have done the abeka and memoria press prek, but I like the looks of the Phonics Museum and other parts of their kindergarten curriculum. Does anyone have any suggestions or reasons why you chose Veritas or Memoria? Thanks!

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I have done both and have lots to say about them. As well as long reviews written. I'd be glad to answer any questions you might have.


When you say you have done Memoria Press preK. Do you mean Preschool or Junior Kindergarten? The preschool is new and doesn't involve writing, while JrK has a few more years under its belt and some basic writing and coloring skills.


Memoria Press is more of a trace the dots, ball and stitck sort. Phonics Museum is a fill in the hollow maze letter in D'Nelian Italic manuscript.


My oldest has used MP since the beginning with JrK (before the days of their Preschool), she did Sonlight P3/4 at that point. Same heart of a program, read aloud classics. She went full Veritas Scholars Academy for second and still did the MP Second Grade in her free time by her request. She continued full VSA for third and we were hating every minute. In February we went back to full Memorial Press and have left the full VSA behind us. We do still use self-paced history and the literature lists. We dropped the rest. (Although we love History of Art and Live Class Memory Period). She is continuing Phonetic Zoo and not switching to Spelling Workout.


My middle daughter started in VSA full Kindergarten last year while her sister was in third. We were so unhappy with Third that it was a big distraction. But also VSA Kinder was just dull in comparison to the life and excitement we had with Memoria Press Kindergarten Enrichment in past years. We dropped the full VSA K and kept Phonics Museum (review of the app is coming soon on my blog, but I have plenty of positive to say and have on the blog page of Facebook for Creative Madness Mama). Bede's was okay but not terribly exciting. We dropped it for her to tag along with sister. Saxon for the early Grammar grades is a nightmare. We gladly went fully back to Rod&Staff Beginning Arithmetic which she was doing by choice anyway. Bible Timeline was horribly boring and very dated. Pull back out the Memoria Press guides! Memoria Press Enrichment is my school life-line!! MP choice for math with R&S. We have kept Phonics Museum. We have kept the Art Primers. However, she is also doing First Start Reading and Classical Phonics. She is also finishing up the Alphabet Books.


So what will I do with my three-year-old son when he gets there?? He is doing the Phonics Museum app now. He is not ready to write. He will do the Phonics Museum workbooks whenever he is ready. He will also do Memoria Press Classical Phonics (oral) and Christian Liberty Press Adventures in Phonics for extra practice. (Side note: both girls are doing this and have been since before MP decided to switch from SRA to Core Skills Phonics - this is all for practice and we chose Adv. in Phonics while they were changing up the beta of the program.) I still might have him do FSR, but with his oral experience with the iOS Phonics Museum app we might not need it. Rod & Staff Math and probably Math Lessons for a Living Education (that's an entirely different conversation), Art Primers, and Memoria Press Enrichment.


I love Memoria Press. I love every single thing there is to do with Memoria Press. We only left to go fully accredited. In the end we decided it wasn't worth it and wanted the delight and love of learning back. I love the materials that Veritas Press publishes. I love the Phonics Museum. I love the History of Art. I like self-paced history, so Bible is another story. I like Bede. I like Legends & Leagues (my daughter does not). I fully intend to use some products of VP but my main program will most forever be MP. For the things MP doesn't publish, I like their choices but we are still experimenting (math, American history, science).


But again... I could say a lot more.


See my reviews of Memoria Press Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten, First Grade, and the start of some Second Grade reviews on my blog.







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