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Aloha from Hawaii

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Aloha all, I am a newbie to homeschooling. My daughter (5gr) has been asking me to homeschool her for a while now. So I agreed to give it a try. I am very nervous. My son (2gr) wants to stay in the one and only school on this island. So it will just be my daughter. Is there a post where curriculum is reviewed? We have been doing the Khan academy a bit this summer. She has some learning issues. Still working on figuring out what they are. She loves nature, science and reading and of course games (we only have kindles) and struggles with math, spelling and writing. Any suggestions is very appreciated. Mahalo! :hurray:

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Ah... just responding wanting to acknowledge my jealousy with the HI bit... love the place - the only place we've visited that has seriously tempted us to move, but alas it's too far away from everywhere else for us (sigh).


Carry on...


Oh yes, for checking out curricula and meeting other folks, check out the other various boards and/or ask questions on them!  (K-8 Curriculum Board, etc).  You can also do a "Google" search (rather than this site since this site's search doesn't always seem to catch things) with a curriculum name and Well Trained Mind and usually get relevant threads to look at.


I'm not of much help anymore.  My youngest graduates from college next May...  I stick around for the camaraderie of friends and enjoying seeing what other Boardie kids do - very akin to family after so many years.


Best wishes in your journey!

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