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Is Horizons algebra high quality?

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Would you consider Horizons algebra to be on par with other well respected algebra programs such as Foersters, Jacobs, or Dolciani? Son really wants a workbook and I am trying to figure out if it would be a mistake to just let him do Horizons for algebra?

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Horizons Algebra has only been out two or three years, I believe. That might not be long enough to be able to find much short term btdt experience with it.

We used Horizons K-6 (plus Singapore), liked it, and found it gave my kids a good foundation. But, I would not use Horizons pre-algebra or algebra over Dolciani for a few reasons.


1) Dolciani has been out there forever and continues to be used by many college-prep high schools. It's a solid math program. It's too early to know how solid Horizons Algebra 1 is.


2) Horizons math stops at Algebra I. We opted for a math curriculum that would take us from Algebra 1 through PreCalc (Dolciani)


3) I looked at the Horizons Pre-Algebra book after finishing Horizons K-6 and didn't like it at all. The preview pages of Horizons Algebra 1 don't look any better.


Can't speak to Jacobs or Foerster vs Horizons, but they've also been out there for a while.

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No experience with Horizon unfortunately but If he wants a workbook approach, you could also look at Fresh Approach to Algebra or CLE. These both provide a solid Algebra 1 presentation. Foersters will have a greater quantity of practical word problems but these two programs cover all the important concepts.


CLE isn't exactly a workbook per se. It comes in a series of individual light units or booklets. We used it like a workbook though, writing the answers in the booklet. While more complex problems may need to be done on a separate piece of paper, many of the problems can be solved and written directly in the light unit. CLE is a complete algebra 1 program; however, there are no further levels available at this time.



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