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s/o literature - simple guides with deep questions

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I am not a confident "literature" teacher, so don't tell me, "You can figure this out," please!


I've chosen 4 books to go deeper into and I'd like very simple guides that have only DEEP questions. I can do the simple questions and basic discussion myself. It is the dig deeper questions that I have a hard time with. I'd almost like a guide that just had 10 essay starters per book. I don't think that exists, but I certainly don't need/want vocab and literary structures exercises. Is there something this simple and yet deep?


Maybe I can do it myself - after doing three books well with someone else guiding me!


An example of a deep question (one my son asked last summer while reading Oliver Twist), "How do the street gangs of 19th century England compare to the street gangs of 21st century major American cities?" This does go beyond the scope of the literature... Maybe one for the Hobbit would be, "Why do you think Gandolf knew Bilbo would be of use to the dwarves?" - I think this is within the scope of the book (no outside research) but beyond what is explicitly stated in the book. 




ETA: I have a stack of books about 16 deep and I'm going to choose four of them, so I don't need to be limited to which company has a certain guide.




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I really like the guides from Penguin: Teacher's Guides. I think they have a large selection, are free and include deeper questions (see the questions at the end; after the reading of the book is complete). There are creative end-of-the-book projects and multiple critical writing prompts from which to choose as well.



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What's your list of 16 books? Sometimes an individual or a company  has a meaty guide for just 1 or 2 books, and we would miss out being able to recommend that guide. :)


In general, I thought these guides went deeper than most:


Garlic Press: Discovering Literature series: Challenger level -- secular

Portals to Literature -- secular; designed for classroom use, so you need to adapt

Glencoe Literature Library -- secular; free

Penguin Teacher Guides -- secular; free

Progeny Press -- high school level -- depends on the guide -- Christian


Some of the best discussion helps I found were by searching by title, and finding something put together by an individual or a teacher, so you might also try a google search with "study guide for _______", or, "literature guide for ________" as your search wording.

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