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Trouble with hearing the difference between vowels

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Hi -

I'm working with an adult who know her consonants but has trouble hearing the difference between vowels. For instance, if I ask her what letter makes the short i sound, she will often associate it with igloo but will mispronounce it as "eggloo" and tell me that e makes the i sound. I have tried switching her association words and it doesn't seem to help. Ideas?

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Try making some pictures of words ( nouns etc) then give each vowel SOUND a color My son took off in reading once he discovered that a SOUND ( vowel COLOR) could be spelled different ways




ORange O sound

Blue Glue ooo sound

Red soft e sound with pictures

black cat soft a sound

I am trying to remember oy sound it was something turqoise and boy toy cowboy all painted that color


I will have to go look up the rest but I created a color for each phoneme and then worked on one color a week or two. Then I used either "all about reading" or ortho gillingham can't remember which one and worked on that unit sound. If your child is visual it helps so much to use tons of pictures and stories of that phoneme with colors . Can she hear the word and know what it is? Is it just that she is mispronouncing? My son is very visual. The colors just helped so much it was like a lightbulb went on. Ofcourse that lightbulb was after a long long tunnel of mom help.

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