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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Tuesday! I can't sleep, so might as well make a list.

Yardwork?   Nope. Gotta get to it, though. My yard is a giant weed bed!
Make sure kids do morning work. 
Pack lunch.

Call mom.
Swim with friends.
Rest time!
Make the dinner I had planned to cook yesterday.   Nope. Dh can have the leftover stir fry instead.
Pick up CSA box.
Pool party.

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Good morning! Puppies did better last night, so hopefully I won't sleepwalk through the day like I did yesterday!


•get horse chores done early

•horse vet is coming out for routine checkup and vaccinations this morning

•call hay guy

•do all the cleaning and office work that I was supposed to do yesterday


•ds golf lesson

•dinner: Thai fish soup

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Good morning!  Hoping I can be more productive today than the past few days/weeks.


-take youngest to camp (I love this camp - 7:30 - 5 pm....my days are never this quiet!)




-email WTMA with a question

-send standardized test scores to county


-Whole Foods for a few Whole30 things

-eat properly and drink lots of water

-make sure oldest does summer work

-straighten up house


-dinner (Whole 30 Egg Roll In a Bowl)

-baseball game for oldest


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Good morning.


The washing machine is fixed.  Ds2 is down one sock.  It was caught between the drum and the intake hose.  Dh told me to start researching new washing machines, though.  He noticed a lot of wear on internal bits and says to expect irreparable failure within the next year or so.



Organize laundry room

Sort through craft supplies

Search for missing library book

Music lessons


Ds1 to scouts

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Good morning!


This is dh's last week off of school, so we hope to do some fun things this week. We will definitely take a day to play a lot of games. We'll probably try a new restaurant or two and hopefully make it to see the laser show at Stone Mountain. Dh and I will probably take some time to go to Atlanta together just the two of us.  I'm not sure yet which of those will happen today. 



fed cats



To Do:

decide what to do today


while here: laundry, tidy house, make a list of things left to do for school




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Good morning! I am relaxing at Starbucks after driving ds1 to one pool and dd2 to another. The process will be repeated in reverse in 45 minutes.


To do:

Daily chores

General pickup

Pick up ds3

Ds3 for passport pictures

Jen things

Kids to practice

Dinner: shrimp and orzo salad, I think


Have a great day!

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Hey howdy! 

So far it's been a productive day but I have a full afternoon ahead of me...

Resolve an issue with an online order

Return a client phone call

Dinner prep

School planning

Drop off dd at art class

Meet my apprentice at my office to go do a postpartum home visit an hour away

Client prenatal appointments once we're back in town

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human care done

pet care done

medical care done including sorting out all meds for the week.  Have to pick up one prescription refill at pharmacy.  Don't forget!

checked on medical paperwork and I'm good.

put together grocery list

put out recycling

paid library fines


Now I'm going to run to the pharmacy and grocery store to get that out of the way. 

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