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Mizzou - 2 years later


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This is an update to the Mizzou situation. The Professor in the video was hired by Gonzaga University as I recall and she is no longer at Mizzou.




I wonder what percentage of Corporate Recruiters who visited the campus in 2014 visited in 2017.

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As a MO resident who is considering Mizzou for graduate school, I have reservations, but am not ready to cross them off my list. There was a recent NY Times article on Mizzou and here is the university's response


Mizzou is not the only university in the state that has concerning enrollment drops, some of the people I've discussed this with say it is the sign of an improving economy, less people returning to school, etc. I don't have stats to back up that. Our higher education budget was cut across the state and Mizzou received what was a large cut, which has also affected the university. 


Mizzou is still the top choice for some undergraduate majors and they some outstanding programs. 


My personal opinion is that racism is an issue in several parts of the state, it's subtle, sometimes covert, and generationally ingrained in certain segments of the population. The incident was not handled well by the university. However, from the academic side, I've seen steps taken to combat the fallout. I think it will take a few more years for Mizzou to rebound in any way from this incident, but residents are not unilaterally writing off Mizzou. 

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