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Jean in Newcastle

Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

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Good morning!


I've been up since 3:30am with two rambunctious puppies. Yawn...


•water plants

•give kitchen a thorough cleaning

•dust and vacuum main floor


•boys are taking finals today

•set up vet appt.

•bills and paperwork

•dinner: pasta w/ vodka sauce

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Monday chores

Call mom


Dd to band meeting

Get dd to finish paperwork for bronze award

Girl scout meeting tonight to turn in paperwork

Work on insurance quotes

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Good morning, ladies!  I returned from my NOLA girls weekend yesterday and I am exhausted.



-take youngest to first day of camp

-take dog to vet for flu vaccine booster

-workout (much needed after trip)


-summer writing, algebra II and Spanish with oldest

-meal planning

-grocery store

-call exterminator

-get youngest from camp at 5 pm



ETA:  spend entire day taking youngest's room apart looking for his EpiPen, which no one recalls seeing since our cruise.

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Good morning!

Morning school with kids. 
Yard work - weed herb garden    Nope, missed the window. Too hot now.
Meal planning

Umbrella school registration

AHG stuff

Piano lessons

Car emissions inspection?

Car registration renewed?

Dinner - meatloaf, squash, green salad, potatoes

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Good morning.


Today is our first full day home from visiting my parents.  I had planned a somewhat relaxed day:


Schedule car maintenance

Boys for haircuts


Sort through craft supplies - make list of items needed for 1st semester projects

Make list of needed school supplies


But, when I started the first load of laundry, a flood resulted.  Dh’s over the phone diagnosis is a loose hose.  He says he will look at it when he gets home.  It is stacked, so that will probably mean moving the dryer, which will mean removing a built-in countertop… 


Revised plans:

Schedule car maintenance – done

Mop laundry floor – 1st pass done, 2nd and possibly 3rd needed

Find temporary homes for the shoes, bags, cleaning supplies and other debris that normally reside in the laundry room.

Boys for haircuts

Make grocery list, decide if I have the energy for shopping after haircuts

Help dh move dryer, etc.


It is 10 am and I am exhausted.


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Couple conference calls today about a project which is gonna require me to do projections which is gonna stress me out but oh well.  :/


Still working on the stupid work I was supposed to finish over the weekend.  Damn feds.  Some stuff disappeared from the website and I need it back.  Also noticed at least one mistake that has been sitting out there for years and I should have noticed sooner ....

  • Got up early to work.
  • Kids up & off to day camp.
  • Try to give the bird its pain med.  Really not sure if I got it into him.  (Her?  Him?  Depends which vet you ask?)
  • Work / conference call.
  • A little reading.
  • Chiro appointment.  Ask her about my butthurtness.  I predict an awkward conversation.
  • More work.
  • Laundry.
  • Clean up our TKD uniform.
  • Submit vision bill for reimbursement.
  • Kids may be picked up by auntie.
  • Hoping to go to TKD tonight after many months.
  • Try again with the bird med - this time with someone to help me.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work?  Or sleep?
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Aargh, Sherry, how frustrating! I have a sort of relaxing couple of days. Dh and ds2 are taking a mini-vacation up in the mountains. Ds2 is missing the family get-together in late July, so this is a bit of a replacement. That said, we only have one car, so there are elaborate arrangements to get everyone where they need to go. Fortunately, the swim schedule has shifted to end of season (so soon, summer is so short!) so the faraway pool practices are finished.


To do:

daily chores

fill out passport applications

figure out time to take pics for passports

pick up ds3 and take to guitar

quick grocery run during lesson


jen things?

general driving to two practices (one car problems)

figure out dinner-pizza?


Have a great day!

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Morning, all!


Sherry  :cursing:  for the flooded floors.  Hope it gets better.


Dh and I are back from vacation. Laundry is done, fridge cleaned out, ready to tackle the day.


To do:

make dr appts

organize dd's school curriculum

go school supply shopping for dd, organize binders, academic planner

aqua class

banking, grocery shopping

try to stay cool with the hot temps


Have a great day!


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dd to camp

ds to work

human care done

pet care done

medical care done


then. . . I went to get the order that came in for a neighbor and . . . I couldn't find it.  I knew it had come in.  I knew exactly where I had put it when it came in because that's where I put all the orders that come in.  I looked and looked even in weird places.  I texted dd at camp.  She didn't know.  I tried texting dh but no answer.  Looked some more.  Found the box out in the recycling bin.  This at least confirmed to me that I wasn't going crazy and it truly had come in.  So where was it?  I finally found it tossed in a box of dh's stuff.  Opened.  I was NOT HAPPY.  Dh finally called me back and confirmed that he opened it without looking.  But why then toss it in with his stuff?  At least he didn't use any of it and I was able to explain to the neighbor and give it to her and didn't have to reimburse her for what was not a cheap item.  Fortunately neighbor just laughed and wasn't mad.  Dh is not in the dog house anymore but he's not in the main house either . . .  we'll say he's out in the yard. . . .    


Oh, and I got the kitchen cleaned.


I have about 45 min. before having to go meet my friend.  I'm going to see how much of lesson 5 I can get done. 

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My Monday is all thrown off because of our big family dinner yesterday.  I usually get groceries on Sunday morning but had to do it today instead. 

That's about all I've accomplished this morning.  I'm eating lunch now (finally) while I figure out the rest of my afternoon before I need to head to my office. 

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5 loads of laundry to do

back porch to mop

1000+ photos to post

dd and her dh head back to IN

rest of the gang at work

more rodeo stuff to put away

dress to cut out

Scouts tonight, with a Board of Review to do

3 Eagle Boards to set up

the last of clothes for dd for school to order

3 refrigerators to defrost

grocery run

bank run

letters to mail

I think that's it

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Won't be able to do TKD after all.  :/


Folded a bunch of laundry through a conference call.  :)


Chiropractor says I should not sit down!  And I should walk.  I will try to go for a walk after dinner.

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