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Science Lab Equipment

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What science lab equipment have you acquired for homeschool science (high school level) - for physics, chemistry, and biology?


Do you perform some experiments outside where it's open and ventilated?


I would love to know what equipment you use - especially for physics.  We are not currently at high school level, but I am trying to plan for future science labs.

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I just ordered the physics lab kit and manual from Quality Science Labs. I have the lab manual, but not the kit yet, so I can't comment about the quality. But the manual has 32 labs covering a survey of physics topics, there is data collection and questions to answer. I am pretty hopeful physics will go well next year.

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I bought kits from Home Science Tools that were made in mind for the publisher of the textbook .  I used apologia textbook with physics so I got this kit if you want to browse commonly used equipment



got my microscope from them as well (for biology). the 4100model I think?  it was fine.  probably could have found other companies with similar.  And dissection tools and specimens from there as well, ( 3 did worm, perch, crawfish)

chemistry: back in the day we used 2nd edition apologia and got the kit from same supplier.  you can browse that selection or check other publisher kits on that site to see various supplies. I'm not going to copy and paste. I'm lazy. 


We typically did not need an area bigger or more open than the kitchen, or bathroom.  I think maybe some physics labs needed space to twirl stuff so we did that outside. But chemical stuff was household grade materials and our open kitchen was fine.    It wasn't small apartment or anything.

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We like Arbor Scientific for physics




Also Nasco, Home Science Tools, and Carolina Science


We have ordered from all, but Arbor is the most physics oriented, imo.


Ask Regentrude. Iirc, she will say that it not the equipment that matters. I will not try to explain for her though.


We really enjoyed this kit for making a Van der Graaf generator, much easier then following plans from the Internet.



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I made the mistake of anticipating what I would need a few years down the line.  I ended up wasting a lot of money on stuff I ended up not using.  Wait until you have a course or curriculum that specifies what you need, whether it is particular equipment or a kit.  

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