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Math in Focus Reteach book???

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So I just decided to homeschool my daughter who was in Classical private school in Spring of this year. We just can't afford to send her there anymore. She was using Math in Focus 2 there but was a bit behind. I was just going to continue using Math in Focus 3 for this coming year, but I noticed they jump right into Multiplication of 6, 7, and 8.... and the earlier multiplication had already been covered in Grade 2. She does not know any multiplication facts at all and Im not sure what her teacher went over with her last year. So... My question is, should I just get MiF 2B textbook and workbook and just quickly go through that and go over multiplication and other things she's weak in (she's not very strong in math, never has been)? Or could I use the MiF 2 Reteach book? Im not even very sure of what that is, can't find many samples online.... 

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When we first started homeschooling, I bought all the MiF books for 1A/1B. Based off my experience, Reteach is just a gentler version of the regular workbook. The Extra Practice book is additional practice. Enrichment is slightly more challenging. Reteach, Extra Practice, and Enrichment all have the answers in the back.


If you Google "math in focus placement test," you should see pdfs for each level. Here's the test for 3a:

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When we went to MIF from another program, we had some mismatches between what the previous program covered and MIF covered at grade levels. The result was similar, I am pretty certain, to what you are dealing with. I went back a level and worked through at a pace that worked for my kids. We do math in the summer fwiw. She's got time, and the early math foundation is important. I *think* I would go back to 2B and make sure she's solid before moving to 3A. But a placement test seems smart. Maybe there are just small holes to plug. 

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