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Favorite fun audiobooks for road trip? Anything related to Disney?

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We have a road trip to Disneyland in the fall so I have two months worth of Audible credits coming up to use before our trip. I want something fun and engaging for the whole family. It would be extra great if there was any tie in to the park experience but my first priority is that it's worth listening to. I'll have lots of options for entertaining the kids in the car, DH enjoys just driving, but I hate car trips because I hate spending hours in the car with nothing worthwhile to see. It's basically an all day trip (ok we are right on the cusp of nor cal/central coast so more like 8ish hours depending on traffic) in the middle of nowhere so I need something to entertain me.


I've read aloud:

Peter Pan + audiobook


Mary Poppins


I think I'll start reading aloud Alice in Wonderland before the trip and we have that audiobook from our last trip a few years ago when the kids were much younger and didn't want to hear it. I've read most of the versions of the princess stories. I can't think of anything else that would be related to the park and characters there, am I missing anything worthwhile? There are a lot of characters DD doesn't know but I think they're all movie related, like Cars and Star Wars, not sure if any others are from real books? Thanks!

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The Official Album: Disneyland/Walt Disney World


Disneyland Resort Official Album 2 CD Set


Not audiobooks, but they have soundtracks for the music. Makes it fun, because then they recognize the music for the rides!


Have you looked through the rides? We did Disney World, not Disneyland, so I don't know all the rides. To me, the Peter Pan ride was enchanting because I had spent so many hours as a kid pouring over the Golden Book version. Walt Disney's Classic Peter Pan (Big Golden Book) This is the BIG version, not the small one. 


The Haunted Mansion Also not an audiobook, but it turns out there's a movie for the Haunted Mansion ride. :D


Charlotte's Web and Narnia are the only things we listen to as a group. Beyond that, people wear headphones/earbuds. Guess I'm no help, lol.

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