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Dd16's research project: The two other surveys for anyone who is interested

East Coast Sue

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My dd16 had a wonderful response from my first post! Thank you!  There are two other surveys in her research project if you would be so kind as to complete them.  You are welcome to forward the survey links to others through social media or homeschooling websites/blogs. 


Thank you for your time!  (It is a brief survey, less than 2 minutes)  If you can only complete one survey, please take Survey #3, if your birthday is Jan-Jun and take Survey #4 if your birthday is July-Dec. Taking both surveys is much appreciated!!!


Survey 4: https://goo.gl/forms/dftttp9MPYcplUOQ2


From my daughter:  A note on my research project for those interested: My research was inspired by the Uncanny Valley hypothesis, an idea that people's affinity for a face diminishes rapidly when the face is nearly human, but not quite-- thus explaining the common fears of extremely lifelike dolls and clowns and such. When human-like robots were introduced, people noticed that some of them (like this one:

) were pretty creepy because they seemed very similar to humans, but not similar enough. Thus, I decided to see if I could pinpoint what differences from reality caused the Uncanny Valley phenomenon to occur and demonstrate people's affinity or repulsion.


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