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school supplies, esp pencils


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Does anyone know if the Dixon pencils that come in bulk of around 144 for around $10-15 are any good--or are they lesser quality or defective ones compared to more expensive for fewer?  If they are any good, is it worth getting a big supply like that or does the space use not make it beneficial, or does having a lot promote more wastefulness?  I'm having issues with too much clutter, but also pencils seem to vanish mysteriously and end up being a big expense, if they are mechanical ones which dc prefer..

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My kids prefer the Dixon Ticonderoga yellow pencils over the black ones. We buy a box of 24 and it was more than enough. I won't go for 144 and I told my husband not to get the box of 96 because that is more than we need.


What I did do was put three new Ticonderoga pencils into a transparent binder pouch for each child for use for exams only. The evening before the exam, they just put in the calculator, passport and admission ticket (SAT, ACT). That way they have good pencils for exam use.


For daily use, each child has a home use pencil box and each has five pencils. We bought pencil boxes from Daiso and those came with five pencil slots. They have three pencils each child for their Chinese tuition binder. My DS11 likes the Zebra mechanical pencil and use that for his german class pencil box. He didn't use up many pencil leads either.


What we found was a waste were the pink erasers regardless of brand. My kids unintentionally destroyed so many of them. The white polymer erasers are much better and none were destroyed.

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If you teach at a school in any capacity (like if you do this on the side somehow) you can join NAEIR and find school supplies really cheaply. 



You might want to ask a teacher friend (brick and mortar teacher) to join for you. The items are donated, cannot be sold or bartered, and can only be used for minors and those in need.


Just a PSA. 

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