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If your student has taken the WTMA Chemistry course, I would appreciate your feedback on workload and number of hours your student spent weekly on this one subject/class.  I have just had a look at the syllabus, and it looks daunting.  Even in comparison to Biology, which my student took last year, did well in, and is a great class.  But it was not a walk in the park by any means.  And we do have other subjects to cover!  Many thanks for the feedback.

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Bumping this up as I would like to know the answer for this too. I was looking at the syllabus last night as we are registered for this as well. And it looks very daunting. Out of curiosity, do you think  your child could have done chemistry and biology together?

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Absolutely not, at least not WTMA bio and chem together.  Not if we had tried to fit in other subjects as well.  At least for bio, there are other online providers who use the same book but do not go into nearly as much depth as WTMA.  I do wish these courses would be, at the very least, honors classes and designated as such.  Let's hope that there are some other parents on here willing to share their experience.  The chem course has been taught by the same instructor since they first started offering it.


When structuring our high school schedule, I am careful to allow some time for my student to get together with friends and decompress.  My student asks for it and I can't imagine why I would homeschool high school without such opportunities. :-)


How did you get a hold of the syllabus?  My student obtained it from a friend also registered for the course, I did not see where I could access it on the website.  Thanks!

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