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SL level G questions (Core & Science)


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I can tell on the website what books are needed for Sonlight G History/Bible/Literature, and for Sonlight G Science.  


Can someone please tell me which books are used for longer than 3 weeks?




These are the books I'm wondering about, in case a list helps you.  Which ones are used longer than 3 weeks?


Sonlight G - Science

Encyclopedia of Planet Earth

Evolution: The Grand Experiment

Icons of Evolution

What's Science All About?


Sonlight G – History/Bible/Literature

The Kingdom Strikes Back (GH01)

Usborne Encyclopedia (GH07)

The Monk Who Shook the World (GR23)

The Golden Goblet (GA01)

The Trojan War (GA04)

Master Cornhill (GA05)

Favorite Poems Old and New (GA06)

I, Juan de Pareja (GA07)

The Second Mrs. Giaconda (GA09)

A Single Shard (GA10)

Beyond the Desert Gate (GA11)

God King (GA12)

The Hidden Treasure of Glaston (GA15)

The Silver Branch (GA18)

The Great and Terrible Quest (GR06)

Flame Over Tara (GA13)

The Shakespeare Stealer (GA14)

The Samurai's Tale (GR01)

The Bronze Bow (GR02)

Adam of the Road (GR03)

Shadow of a Bull (GR04)

Mara, Daughter of the Nile (GR07)

The Beduins' Gazelle (GR08)

The Mystery of the Roman Ransom (GR10)

Hittite Warrior (GR12)

The Ides of April (GR14)

A Proud Taste of Scarlet and Miniver (GR17)

Black Horses for the King (GR18)

Catherine Called Birdy (GR19)

Theras and His Town (GR20)

Son of Charlemagne (GR21)

Greek Myths (GR24)

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