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DD decided to go to PS

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Sigh. My Joy has decided to try 9th grade at the local public school this year. I haven't tried to talk her out of it, but, oh how I will miss her presence (but will gleefully welcome her back home if she decides it isn't a good fit.). I know she will do well academically and she will probably be well-received by her teachers. I have some concerns about the social aspects, as she is very mature for her age and has a great head on her shoulders. Most of her same-age peers at church and 4-H are very immature and Joy tends to gravitate toward the adults and older kids. My concern is that she will have difficulty making friends and that she may come across as being snobby, even though she really isn't. She is very reserved and enjoys conversing with older people.


Any advice?


Also, I do want her to fit in well enough that she doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. What do high school girls wear/like/have these days? Locker supplies, school supplies, school clothes? Also she plans to take her lunch...do kids still brown bag it, or do we go Eco-friendly with a special bag? I was not a cool or hip teen, nor did I care to be. Joy will be herself, but I do want to give her a bit of extra confidence in knowing that she is prepared will all that stuff.



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I'm sure she'll do great, and like you said, she can always come back home if it's a flop😊 My daughter started PS entering 6th grade. Every year she has had the choice to return home but she chooses to stay. My daughter isn't popular, but she has a core group of friends and they all look out for one another and are tight knit. She's in Honors classes in high school now & her teachers really love her - she's doing great! My son also went to public school & each year he's had the choice to come home as well. He's now entering 8th grade and decided to return to homeschooling. He was on student council, involved in drama, made good grades-- but he just doesn't love it. For him, it's just been daunting to keep up with the workload.


I can try to tell you some advice based on what's worked for my daughter.


She always takes a study hall for one of her class periods, and almost never had homework because she was able to complete it in study hall. This works so well for her to still have a life beyond school.


As for clothes... that's really just style preference. My daughter wears skinny jeans, leggings, blouse and tshirts, and converse, flats or sandals. (she works and buys all that)


As for lunch, she has a reusable cloth lunch bag (has a zipper). Most of the kids at our local high school eat the school lunch. My daughter thinks it's gross and brings her own.


I would say high school has as much drama as it ever did. My daughter just stays clear of it. It's like a teen soap opera that you don't want to get caught up in.


Like yours, my dd is pretty mature for her age. She stays on top of her school work and is very organized. Her main focus is her grades, although she really loves the social aspect of it too. She also plans to dual enroll next year, so if that's an option in your state I'd aim for that.


Good luck. I'm sure things will be fine! 😊ðŸ‘ðŸ»

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